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International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP) 2019

Plenary Presentations 

Silicon Carbide for Power Devices: History, Evolution, Applications and Prospects” Dr. Ahmed Elasser (GE Global Research Center)

“Electrification Challenges in Aeronautics” Pascal Asfaux (Airbus)

"Novel Thermal & Packaging Paradigms” Dr. Christophe Lochot (Airbus)

"Reliability in Power Electronics Modules” Dr. Ercan Dede (Toyota Research Institute of North America)


Reliability and System Level Design Considerations for SiC Power Modules” Dr. Ty Mcnutt (Wolfspeed, A Cree Company)

Conducted Electromagnetic Interference in Power Electronics Systems” Dr. Aaron Brovont (The University of Alabama)

Systems & Circuits

Accelerating commercialization of WBG power electronics: PowerAmerica Systems and Circuits" Victor Veliadis (PowerAmerica, North Carolina State University) 

Module level and system level integrations of WBG devices for high power applications" Jin Wang (Ohio State University) 

“Technology Challenges in SiC-based Medium Voltage Power Conversion" Rolando Burgos (Virginia Tech University)

Metrology Considerations for Accurate Characterization of High-Bandwidth Power Electronics Components & Applications" Andy Lemmon (University of Alabama)

"Evaluation of the PCB-Embedding Technology for a 3 kW Converter" Remy Caillaud, Johan Le Leslé, Cyril Buttay (Univ. Lyon), Florent Morel, Roberto Mrad, Nicolas Degrenne, Stefan Mollov

Power Modules

“A New Packaging Concept for Highly Reliable Power Modules” Shiori Idaka (Mitsubishi Electric)

ABB LinPak: smart design for efficient converters” Fabian Fischer (ABB)

The Development of 1200 V SiC Hybrid Switched Power Modules” Puqi Ning (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Tianshu Yuan, Han Cao, Lei Li, Yuhui Kang

Stacked DBC Cavitied Substrate for a 15-kV Half-Bridge Power Module” Amol Deshpande (University of Arkansas), Fang Luo, Ange Iradukunda, David Huitink, Lauren Boteler

A Study of Dielectric Breakdown of a Half-Bridge Switching Cell with Substrate Integrated 650 V GaN Dies” Eduard Dechant (Technical University of Applied Sciences, Rosenheim), Norbert Seliger, Ralph Kennel

Packaging & Interconnects

Silver Sintering Die Attach – Myths & Physics” Gyan Dutt (Alpha)

Advanced SiC Power Module Packaging: Layout, Material System and Integration” Fang Luo (U. of Arkansas), Amol Deshpande, Cai Chen

Rate controlled sintering: A novel approach to improve quality and yield of die-attach interconnects” Merkert Simon, Aaron Hutzler, Thomas Krebs (Pink)

Aerosol Jet Printing Process for Semi-Embedded Power Assembly” Stephane Azzopardi, (Safran Tech), Jérôme Lelièvre, Toni Youssef, Denis Labrousse, Elodie Pereira, Philippe Lasserre

A PCB based Package and 3D Assembly for High Power Density Converters” Roberto Mrad, Julien Morand, Rémi Perrin Mitsubishi Electric), Stefan Mollov

Modeling & Reliability

“Reliability for Mission- and Safety-Critical Systems in Aerospace Applications” Zak Sorchini (UTC), Steve Savulak

3D-FE electro-thermo-magnetic modeling of automotive power electronic modules - Wire-bonding and Copper clip technologies comparison” Abdoulahad Thiam (LAPLACE, CNRS, University of Toulouse), Emmanuel Sarraute, William Sanfins, Frédéric Richardeau, Maël Durand

“Prognostics and Reliability Assessment of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Power Electronic Modules” Erick Gutierrez (University of Maryland), Kevin Lin, Patrick McCluskey

Comparison of Silicon Carbide Packages with Different Solder Attach Materials under High Temperature, Fast Power Cycling Conditions” Lauren E. Kegley (Wolfspeed), Tim Foster, Sayan Seal, Robert Shaw, Brice McPherson, Brandon Passmore, Marcelo Schupbach, Ty McNutt

Dielectrics & Insulation

Ceramic Substrates and Liquids: Origin of Partial Discharges, and High Temperature Properties” Olivier Lesaint (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Grenoble INP), Joko Muslim, Rachelle Hanna

Electrical Polymeric Insulation for Power Electronics: Physical Limits and New Tailored Composite Design Concepts” Sombel Diaham (LAPLACE, CNRS, University of Toulouse)

Ceramic substrates for high voltage power electronics: past, present and future” Zarel Valdez-Nava (LAPLACE, CNRS, University of Toulouse), Driss Kenfaui, Marie-Laure Locatelli, Lionel Laudebat, Sophie Guillemet- Fritsch

Drastic Change in Non-Linear Resistive Materials I(V) Characteristics” Guillaume Belijar (IRT Saint Exupéry), Loïc Hermette, Masahiro Kozako, Masayuki Hikita

Effect of Film Thickness and Electrode Material on Space Charge Formation and Conductivity in Polyimide Films” Flora Carrasco (University of Toulouse), Laurent Berquez, Kunihiko Tajiri, Hirotaka Muto, Didier Marty-Dessus, Marie-Laure Locatelli, Sombel Diaham, Virginie Griseri, Thierry Lebey

EMI & Parasitic Implications

Robust On-line Junction Temperature Estimation of IGBT Power Modules Based on VON during PWM Power Cycling” Nicholas Degrenne (Mitsubishi Electric Research Center Europe), Stefan Mollov

Packaging and integration of passive components to reduce board space with optimized thermal and electrical performance” John Bultitude (KEMET), Tony Burk, Allen Templeton, Nathan Reed, Galen Miller, John McConnell, Javaid Qazi, Abhijit Gurav, Lonnie Jones, Jim Magee, Manuel Ortiz, Mark Laps, Reggie Phillips, Kunihiro Kusano, Kenichi Chatani, Yoshihiro Saito

Study of the impedance of the bypassing network of a switching cell – influence of the positioning of the decoupling capacitors” Yoann Pascal (Lab. SATIE and CNAM, France), Mickaël Petit, Denis Labrousse, François Costa

“Bus Snubber Optimization for Multi-Chip Power Modules” Brian T. DeBoi (University of Alabama), Andrew N. Lemmon

PEEC Method and Hierarchical Approach Towards 3D Multichip Power Module (MCPM) Layout Optimization” Quang Le (University of Arkansas), Tristan Evans, Yarui Peng, Alan Mantooth

Thermal Challenges

Advanced Thermal Ground Planes for Power Electronics”  Ryan McGlen (Aavid, Boyd Corp)

Thermal simulations of SiC MOSFETs under short-circuit conditions: influence of various simulation parameters” Yoann Pascal (Lab. SATIE and CNAM, France), Mickaël Petit, Denis Labrousse, François Costa

“Measurement of Space Charge Distribution Accumulated in Super Engineering Plastics at High Temperature Under High DC Electric Field” Maimi Mima (Tokyo City University), Yuuki Narita, Tokihiro Narita, Hiroaki Miyake, Yasuhiro Tanaka

Thermal Management and Reliability of Power Electronics and Electric Machines” Sreekant Narumanchi (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)


2016 International Symposium on 3D Power Electronics Integration and Manufacturing Presentations (click headings to expand)

Additive Manufacturing 

Keynote Speaker:

3D Printing Technology for Automotive Applications” Madhu Chinthavali, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Additive Manufacturing of Planar Inductor for Power Electronics Applications” Guo-Quan Lu, Virginia Tech

"Thermal Response of Additive Manufactured Aluminum” Tong Wu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"3D Printed Microchannel Heat Sink Design Considerations” Frank Wang, Crane EG

Thermal Management & Systems Integration

Keynote Speaker:

Design for Additive Manufacturing of Wide Band-Gap Power Electronics Components” Eric Dede, Toyota Research Institute of North America


Thermal Management and Reliability of Power Electronics and Electric Machines” Sreekant Narumanchi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

A High Power-Density Three-Phase Inverter Adopting Double-End Sourced Power Module Structure” Dr. Fang Luo, The Ohio State University

Novel Packaging and Thermal Measurement for 3D Heterogeneous Stacks” Theodore Harris, NC State University

Plenary Road Mapping

Multiphysics Modeling & Simulation


Keynote Speakers:

Ag Sinter Joining and Stress Migration Bonding for WBG Die Attach”  Katsuaki Suganuma, Osaka University 


Materials for 3D Integration” Patrick McCluskey, University of Maryland

Photocurable Dielectrics for Electronic Packaging and Encapsulant Applications” Wuttichai Reainthippayasakul, Penn State


Dialogue Sessions:

Embedding Technologies

Keynote Speakers:

Power System-in-Package” Cian O'Mathuna, Tyndall National Institute, University of Cork

Significant developments and trends in embedded substrate and component technologies for power applications” Brian Narveson, PSMA

On Size and Magnetics: Why Small Efficient Power Inductors Are Rare” Charlie Sullivan, Dartmouth

Embedded Components

Quality & Reliability