PSMA-CPSS Joint Workshop (November 2021) “Call for Presentations”

Since 2015, the PSMA has collaborated with our friends in the China Power Supply Society (CPSS) to create innovative, ‘hot-topic’, power technology workshops.

The “Joint Workshop on Power Supply Technology Innovation” promotes exchanges and cooperation between worldwide enterprises & academia; facilitates communication and discussion on the trend of power supply industry according to the present development of the industry of China and the US. There will be several presentations from both PSMA and CPSS, each followed by a 5 minutes Q&A and will conclude with a networking social.

The workshop will again be part of the CPSS conference. For 2021, the conference will be in Shanghai, November 12th-15th and the CPSS expects over 1,600 attendees, 500 technical papers and a large exhibition hall.

The workshop is great exposure and networking event to reach Chinese markets, customers and academics, and also acts to advertise benefits of membership in the PSMA. Previous PSMA participants / contributors include Conor Quinn, Dhaval Dalal, David Chen, Ernie Parker, Aung Tu, Eric Persson, Mike Hayes and Stephen Oliver. 

Prior ‘hot topic’ presentations covered IoT, technology roadmaps, energy harvesting, mobile fast charging, gallium nitride (GaN), data center power, etc., with more information below:

From the 2018 workshop, Stephen Oliver, prior Chairman of PSMA and Prof. Dehong Xu, President of CPSS.

2015 report

2017 papers and report.

2018 papers

2019 call for paperspapers 


Format: Powerpoint, using PSMA template.

3 PSMA + 3 CPSS papers (alternated) 15 mins (15-20 slides) + 5 mins Q&A.

Language: English

Topics: open for suggestions! Should be from an industry perspective (not a company sales theme). While the conference is ‘in-person’, the format allows flexibility so that a presentation prepared in the US / Europe can be presented locally in Shanghai by a PSMA representative.

Submission deadline: March 31st 2021 (200 word abstract).

Please contact Stephen OIiver, Director PSMA, at Stephen.oliver@navitassemi.com , if you are interested in participating or have any questions.

So, what are your ideas?!

CPSS/ PSMA Workshop November 3, 2019

     Stephen Oliver, Navitas & Director PSMA 
    David Chen, Power Integrations & Co-Chair PSMA Energy Management Committee

Welcoming You to the 23rd China Power Supply Society Conference (CPSSC 2019)


The China Power Supply Society Conference (CPSSC) is considered the largest, highest-level academic event of power supplies in China. With a history of more than 35 years, it has a broad impact on the power industry. Renowned professionals, senior executives from industry and government departments and graduate students at home and abroad converge on the CPSSC to share and exchange new theories, new technologies, and new achievements in varies fields of power supply.

CPSSC 2019 will be held in Shenzhen, China on Nov. 1-4, 2019. This year the conference includes 524 papers and is expected to attract over 1,500 attendees. CPSSC' 2019 will feature a comprehensive technical program including plenary sessions, tutorials, technical sessions, industry sessions, poster sessions and over 100 exhibitors.

3rd CPSS & PSMA Joint Workshop on Power Supply Technology Innovation

Prof. Dehong Xu, President of CPSS (Right) and
Stephen Oliver, Chairman of PSMA (Left)

On November 3, during CPSSC' 2019, CPSS and PSMA will hold the 3rd Joint Workshop on Power Supply Technology Innovation from 14:00 – 17:00 at the Shenzhen Yunshan Tianyuntian International Hotel. This workshop aims to promote exchanges and cooperation between American enterprises and Chinese enterprises; facilitate communication and discussion on the trend of power supply industry according to the present development of the industry of China and the US. There will be several presentations from both PSMA and CPSS, each followed by a 5 minutes Q&A and will conclude with a networking social. The workshop will be in English (the overall CPSS conference language is Chinese).

The Workshop Chairs are Prof. Dehong Xu, President of CPSS and Stephen Oliver, Chairman of PSMA. There will be an estimated 100-120 participants at the workshop, including senior leaders from both CPSS and PSMA, senior managers and technical managers of Member companies from both organizations from China and the US.


CPSS Transactions on Power Electronics and Applications (CPSS TPEA) Vol. 4 No. 2

It is our pleasure to inform you that CPSS Transactions on Power Electronics and Applications (CPSS TPEA) Vol. 4 No. 2 has been published. 

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, CPSS TPEA advisory committee members and contributors for helping bring the journal into reality. We would also like to thank our sister organizations for the continued support of this journal.

CPSS Transactions on Power Electronics and Applications (CPSS TPEA) is included in IEEE Xplore as Open Access, and all papers can be accessed for free in IEEE Xplore Digital Library at the website: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/RecentIssue.jsp?punumber=7873541

For more information, visit http://tpea.cpss.org.cn/

CPSS/ PSMA Workshop November 6, 2018


Powering 1 Trillion Sensors in 2025
     Authors: Mike Hayes, Tyndall National Institute & President PSMA, Brian Zahnstecher, PowerRox & Director PSMA 
     Presented by Stephen Oliver, Navitas & Chairman PSMA 

Semiconductor Technologies for High Power Applications
    Dhaval Dalal, ON Semiconductor & Director PSMA

CPSS & PSMA Joint Workshop at CPSSC 2017

Following earlier PSMA participation in 2015, and discussions at APEC 2017, PSMA members travelled to Shanghai, PRC in November to participate in the China Power Supply Society Conference (CPSSC) 2017.

On Saturday Nov. 4th: Participation in CPSSC opening ceremony, introduction to the PSMA and keynote speech on the PSMA’s Power Technology Roadmap (PTR).

On Sunday Nov. 5th: CPSS & PSMA Joint Technology Workshop with six presentations plus Q&A, across three topics:

  1. New energy, New-Energy Vehicles, Energy storage
  2. Data center, IT equipment power supply
  3. Consumer AC-DC: smartphone, laptop, TV, etc.

More than 1,400 attended the conference, with participants from all parts of industry and academia. Technical papers (in Chinese) were grouped into parallel tracks, plus industry presentations and an exhibition. Around 1,000 were present for the PSMA keynote, with 150 attending the lively joint workshop.

Dr. Conor Quinn, Artesyn Embedded Technologies,PSMA Director and co-chair of the Power Technology Roadmap committee and PSMA President Stephen Oliver, Navitas Semiconductor, represented the association in Shanghai with additional material from PSMA Chairman Eric Persson, Infineon Technologies.

The CPSS, led by Prof. Dehong (Mark) Xu (President, also of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou) and Lei Zhang (CPSS Deputy Secretary General) were generous hosts and the welcome and interaction was warm. 

The trip was part of the PSMA’s efforts to:

  • Promote the PSMA
  • Attract additional members
  • Collaborate with other international organizations
  • Invite participation on PSMA committees
  • Invite technical contributions to PSMA-sponsored events (including 3D-PEIM)
  • Increase awareness of and participation in the Power Technology Roadmap (PTR)


It was a successful trip and PSMA and CPSS look forward to future opportunities to collaborate. CPSS members will attend APEC 2018 in San Antonio in March of 2018 and the PSMA was invited to attend  PEAC 2018 in Shenzhen in November of 2018.

Read more about the successful joint workshop here

PSMA material (PSMA introduction, PTR keynote, workshop slides), the workshop slides from 2 of the CPSS presentations and the workshop abstracts, presenter biographies are available in the members’ only section of the PSMA website.


Call for Papers - CPSS Transactions on Power Electronics and Applications (CPSS TPEA)

CPSS Transactions on Power Electronics and Applications (CPSS TPEA) is delighted to invite you to submit papers that advance scientific researches on power electronics and its applications.

Benefits for All Authors

  • CPSS TPEA only publishes the best and most insightful research.
  • All accepted papers by CPSS TPEA are included by IEEE Xplore Digital Library, EI Compendex.
  • CPSS TPEA is an open access journal, which guarantees that your research is fully accessible and downloadable for readers worldwide. All articles published by CPSS TPEA are made freely and permanently accessible to all readers.
  • Submitted manuscripts are subject to a rigorous but fast peer review process. CPSS TPEA is strict with a standard review time of less than 15 days.
  • CPSS TPEA uses paper online submission. Manuscripts are submitted electronically through ScholarOne Manuscripts Center; and tracking your paper easily.

Click to download the Call for Papers - CPSS TPEA

Please feel free to contact us at tpea@cpss.org.cn for submissions, comments and suggestions.

PSMA and China Power Supply Society (CPSS) Workshop in China

Ernie at Podium

PSMA and the China Power Supply Society (CPSS) have had reciprocal memberships between their organizations for several years. More recently, the organizations held workshop meetings during the past two APEC conferences to identify areas of mutual interest and cooperation that would benefit their respective membership and the power sources industry. At the 21st China Power Supply Society Conference (CPSSC 2015) in Shenzhen, China Nov 7th and 8th, several representatives from PSMA attended and held the third workshop with representatives from CPSS. Ernie Parker, PSMA Chairman, was invited to present a plenary presentation at the conference which included an overview of the PSMA organization and a focus on some recent technical activities.

At the China workshop, Ernie Parker, Chairman of PSMA, together with four representatives from the PSMA membership met with Dr. Mark Dehong Xu, chairman of CPSS and 14 CPSS members. The workshop in Shenzhen China continued the dialog and reviewed the progress on the action items identified in past workshops as well as a discussion on possible new areas for cooperation.

Some of the action items previously identified in the past workshops included:

• Providing an English version of the CPSS website – it was reported that this feature would be available by the end of 2015.

• Sharing the PSMA UPDATE newsletters with CPSS for posting on their website – selected articles would be translated and posted.

The China workshop identified additional areas for cooperation including:

• Safety and Compliance Standards – the possibility of CPSS translating China regulatory standards and available to PSMA members. During discussion it was felt that this would not be practical due to the number of standards and issues with keeping up with revisions. Rather it was recommended that CPSS act as a bridge to guide PSMA members to specific CPSS members that are knowledgeable of particular China standards on an as-needed basis. They also provided a link for purchasing existing China standards at:http://www.standardsportal.org.cn/zmen/English/.

• PSMA invited representatives of CPSS member companies to join the PSMA Technical Committees. Each of the PSMA Technical Committee generally meet monthly via teleconference and interested CPSS member companies were invited to dial in and to participate or just monitor the calls. If a CPSS member company is interested in a Technical Committee they should contact the Technical Committee chairs and explore the possibility of scheduling the teleconference later in the day (US time) to facilitate their participation. The CPSS attendees expressed interest in the Manufacturing Technical Committee and the Safety and Compliance Technical Committee.

• Another area discussed was for CPSS members to participate in APEC Industry Sessions that are organized by the PSMA Technical Committees. There was also interest in being considered for a presentation at PSMA organized Industry Sessions during APEC.

• There was interest expressed in attending and participating in the Magnetics Workshop that is being organized by the Magnetics Committee and scheduled for the Saturday prior to APEC 2016. Additional information on the content and registration for the event will be sent to the CPSS Association Office to be shared with their membership.

• There was a discussion of the options and requirements for CPSS companies to actively participate at APEC via Technical Papers, Industry Sessions, and Professional Education Seminars.

PSMA and CPSS will hold another workshop with CPSS the Sunday of APEC 2016. CPSS plans to have a delegation of up to 20 company representatives for APEC 2016 and they were invited to attend and learn more about PSMA at the Annual Meeting the Monday of APEC 2016.

Provided by Ernie Parker, 
Chairman of PSMA, 
Director of Engineering, 
Crane Aerospace & Electronics – Power Solutions

  Ernie Parker