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Power Magnetics @ High Frequency 2019 Workshop Presentations

The presentations from the 2019 Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop are available to workshop attendees and PSMA members, both as a PDF of the PowerPoint charts and a movie with the charts and audio including the panel discussions. 

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Power Magnetics @ High Frequency - Eliminating the Smoke and Mirrors 2018 Workshop Presentations

Presentation recordings (click to expand)

We apologize for the poor sound quality on many of these recordings due to technical A/V problems at the workshop.

Core Losses

Keynote Part I: Core Loss: What We Know and What We Don't Know (Charles Sullivan, Dartmouth)   Accuracy and Compensation Issues for AC Power Loss Measurements (Stefan Ehrlich, Fraunhofer Institute)   Magnetic Core Dimensional Effects - Flux Propagation in Ferrites (Marek Rylko, SMA Magnetics)
Generic Specification for Ferrite Cores (Ed Herbert, PSMA)   Multi-parameter Magnetic Material Characterization for High Power Medium Frequency Converters (Byron Beddingfield, NCSU)   What's Needed Going Forward (Ray Ridley, Ridley Engineering)
Panel Discussion (Sullivan, Ehrlich, Rylko, Herbert, Beddingfield, Ridley)        


Keynote Part II: Fringing Effects (Charles Sullivan, Dartmouth)   Mystery Losses in Multi Air Gap (MAG) Inductor & Quantification By Means Of Advanced Thermometry (Dominik Neumayr, ETH Zurich)   A simple analytical method to calcualte air gap induced eddy current losses in inductive components (Michael Baumann, Sumida)
Impact of Fringing Effects on Design of DC-DC Converters (Michael Seeman, Eta One Power)   Near Field Radiation of Storage Inductors in Power Electronics –Causes, Prevention & Suppression (George Slama, Wurth Elektronik)   Panel Q & A (Sullivan, Neumayr, Baumann, Malcolm, Seeman, Slama)

Presentation slides (click to expand) 

Technical Session - Core Loss

Technology Demonstrations Session



Technical Session - Fringing


Power Magnetics @ High Frequency – Transforming the Black Magic to Engineering 2017 Workshop

Presentation recordings (click to expand)

Keynote Session

Impact of Magnetics on Power Electronics Converter Performance – State of the Art and Future Prospects (Johann Kolar, ETH Zurich)   Smaller-Faster-Lower Cost—Magnetic Materials Meet Rigorous Demands in Today’s High Power Fast-Paced Design Landscape (Donna Kepcia, Magnetics)   Panel Q & A (Kolar, Kepcia)

Special Issue Session - Measurement of AC Power Loss

Opening Remarks (Ray Ridley, Ridley Engineering)   Survey of Different Test Methods (Charles Sullivan, Dartmouth)   Waveforms for Simulating Magnetic Cores (Bruce Carsten)
Challenges to Improving the Accuracy of High Frequency (120 MHz) Test Systems (Zoran Pavlovic, Tyndall)   Parameter Extraction (Data Crunching) (Ed Herbert, PSMA)   Industry Standardization (Chuck Wild, Dexter Magnetics)
Panel Q & A (Ridley, Sullivan, Carsten, Pavlovic, Herbert, Wild)        

Technology Issues Session

Package and Integration Technology in Point-of-load Converters (Laili Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong University)   Developing Materials and Geometries for High Frequency Power Magnetics (John Lynch, Fair Rite)   Panel Q&A (Wang, Lynch)

Special Issue Session - Spice Modelling of AC Power Loss

Overview of Modelling Methods (Charles Sullivan, Darthmouth)   Spice Models For Conductor Losses (Ray Ridley, Ridley Engineering)   Spice Models for Core Losses (Ed Herbert, PSMA)
Panel Q & A (Sullivan, Ridley, Herbert)        

Presentation slides (click to expand) 

Keynote Session

Special Issue Session - Measurement of AC Power Loss

Technology Demonstration Session 

Technology Issues Session 

Special Issue Session - Spice Modelling of AC Power Loss


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