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The Impact of Wideband Technologies on Application of Capacitors - A Deep Dive on Capacitor Technology - 2019 Workshop

The presentations from the The Impact of Wideband Technologies on Application of Capacitors - A Deep Dive on Capacitor Technology - 2019 Workshop are available to workshop attendees and PSMA members, both as a PDF of the PowerPoint charts and a movie with the charts and audio including the panel discussion. 

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Capacitors But Were Afraid To Ask 2018 Workshop

Presentation recordings (click to expand)


DC-link Capacitors: A Summary of the Work Performed Under DoE Programs DE-EE-00006433, DE-EE-00006438, and DE-AC02-06CH11357 (Ralph Taylor, Delphi Technologies)        


Low Voltage DC Capacitor Applications

Ceramic Capacitors – Low Voltage DC (Wilmer Companioni, KEMET Electronics Corporation)   Difference Between Traditional Aluminum Electrolytic and  Polymer Capacitors  (Frank Puhane, Wurth Electronics)   Recent Developments on Supercapacitors and their Applications (Nihal Kularatna, The University of  Waikato New Zealand)
Panel Discussion - Low Voltage (Companioni, Puhane, Kularatna)        

High Voltage AC & DC Capacitor Applications

High density capacitor-based power converters - application challenges and requirements (Robert Pilawa-Podgurski, University of California, Berkeley)   High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors (HV MLCCs) (Wilmer Companioni, KEMET Electronics Corporation)   High Voltage Film Capacitors  (Scott Franco, Cornell Dubilier Electronics)
High Voltage in Aluminum Capacitors (Pierre Lohrber, Wurth Electronics)   Panel Discussion - High Voltage (Pilawa, Companioni, Franco, Lohrber)    

Common Capacitor Failure Modes

Recent Advances in Embedded Capacitors (Robert Grant Spurney, Georgia Institute of Technology)   Ceramic Capacitors – Failure Modes (Wilmer Companioni, KEMET Electronics Corporation)   Failure Modes of High Voltage Film Capacitors (Scott Franco, Cornell Dubilier Electronics)
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Failure Modes (Stephan Menzel, Wurth Electronics)   Capacitor Failure Modes and Lifetime Models – from an Application Perspective (Huai Wang, Aalborg University)   Panel Discussion - Failure Modes (Spurney, Companioni, Franco, Menzel, Wang)

Presentation slides (click to expand) 


Low Voltage DC Capacitor Applications

High Voltage AC & DC Capacitor Applications

Technical Demonstrations



Common Capacitor Failure Modes



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