International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP 2022)
Posted: 2021-9-27

PSMA is excited to again be a co-sponsor of the 2022 edition of the International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP) which will be held August 24-26th, on the beautiful campus of Aalborg University, in Aalborg, Denmark. Attendance to the Workshop will be available in-person and virtually. As with all PSMA workshops or webinars, IWIPP has attracted excellent speakers and provides networking opportunities.  The program of IWIPP 2022 will include 6 keynote addresses from leading power technology experts and a broad range of technical sessions, all of which are included in the registration fee.

IWIPP is a workshop focused on Power Packaging and related Technologies which are . are the keys to creating high-density power sources. Attendance at this important workshop can keep you and your colleagues on the cutting edge of power packaging technology.

Call for Papers

If you have technology advancements or research accomplishments to share with the community, Technical Chairman Nick Baker, Assistant Professor, Aalborg University, invites you to submit a digest for review by the technical committee. Papers are sought that address important challenges in power electronic components and systems and present solutions to increase reliability and manufacturability while targeting increased performance and reduced system cost. Papers can range from core material technologies to complete power converters.

The complete list of topics of interest can be found at Call for Papers – IWIPP. The submission portal of the website Submit your Abstracts – IWIPP is now open to accept submissions. Abstract submissions are due January 28th, 2022.
Travel Restrictions Due to COVID-19

The IEEE, PSMA and the IWIPP 2022 organizing committee are carefully monitoring the developing COVID-19 outbreak. The IWIPP 2022 leadership is committed to supporting conference participants who may be unable to travel to Aalborg, Denmark from affected regions. If an attendee has an accepted paper but does not wish to travel due to COVID concerns, or has difficulty obtaining a VISA, the committee will provide opportunities for virtual participation, presentation of her/his paper, and networking.





Sponsored by:
Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA)
IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS)
IEEE Electronic Packaging Society (EPS)
IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS)
European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE)

International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP) 2019
Posted: 2019-6-9


The 2019 International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP) was held the LAPLACE CNRS, Toulouse, France, April 24-26, 2019.  Dr. Thierry Lebey the Director and General Chair of the workshop welcomed us to Toulouse on the first day.  Attendance was up 30% compared to 2017 (94 registered attendees in 2019 vs. 72 in 2017).  This increase in interest probably reflects the importance of improved power electronics packaging for more efficient power through many industries.  There was a significant international representation; approximately 50% of attendees from Europe, 35% from the US, and 15% from Asia.

IWIPP 2019 Attendees

The technical program this year was very strong with positive feedback from audience members that indicated that the program exceeded expectations for content quality.   Since Toulouse is the center of the European Aerospace Industry it is not surprising that many of the presentations were related to the Electrification Challenges in Aeronautics.  These were reviewed in a Plenary by Dr Christophe Lochot of Airbus.  Although this gave us an insight into these issues, one of the core characteristics of IWIPP is that it has always been a multi-disciplinary workshop and this year was no exception.  Power packaging design requires expertise from a range of engineering disciplines; including electrical, thermal, mechanical, and materials.  Attendees were exposed to all aspects of power electronics packaging over a wide range of interdisciplinary research.  The use of wide band gap semiconductors and the challenges these present for packaging were discussed by many presenters.  Dr Ty McNutt of Wolfspeed gave a tutorial on System Level Reliability for SiC Power Modules and Dr. Ahmed Elasser of GE Global Research reviewed the history and future prospects for SiC.  The critical packaging design aspects associated with higher switching frequencies and temperatures were reviewed in depth.   Dr. Aaron Brovont of the University of Alabama gave a tutorial on assessing EMI in power electronics and novel approaches to thermal management were reviewed by Dr. Ercan Dede of Toyota.  As power packaging becomes more critical to Aerospace and Automotive Industries understanding reliability is extremely important and the origins of these limits were described by Dr. Laurent Dupont IFSTAR-SATIE in his Plenary presentation.

Many of the oral presentations described various approaches to enhancing performance through improved packaging materials and better circuit designs.  Several different developments were described in detail including the use of aluminum metallized silicon nitride substrates as well as the increasing use of sintered metal and transient liquid metal interconnects.  The performance of coatings for very high voltage insulation was reviewed in detail. Packaging passive components to achieve higher power densities whilst reducing parasitic inductance and resistance was reviewed in some of the presentations. 

In addition to presentations by leaders from academia and industry students also presented their work in oral and poster presentations.  To encourage student participation to present their research findings and cultivate interest in packaging technologies among the next generation of engineers IWIPP 2019 offers a Student Travel Grant Award  In 2019 this was won by Brian T. DeBoi of the University of Alabama who presented work on Bus Snubber Optimization for Multi-Chip Power Modules supervised by Dr Andrew N. Lemmon. Brian's research focuses on improving frequency-domain characterization and behavioral die modeling methods of silicon carbide utilizing devices and their surrounding packaging. These improved models and parasitic estimations can be leveraged in simulation to better understand what parameters are most impactful on device behavior, and to devise techniques to improve performance of real-world systems.

There were plenty of networking opportunities at the poster session at the several benchtops exhibits and during the tours of the Power Electronics & Integration, Smart Grid & Emulation and Actuation & Electroactive Morphing Laboratories.  Discussions continued through the Banquet Dinner sponsored by Wolfspeed (Diamond Level Sponsorship).  The high-quality food and wine provided during the Banquet and meetings probably set a new benchmark for the workshop.

Additional sponsorship was provided by Littelfuse and KEMET (both at Platinum Level) and Heraeus (Gold Level Partner).  This workshop was endorsed by IEEE Power Electronics Society, IEEE Electronics Packaging Society, IEEE Dielectrics and Insulation Society, Power Sources Manufacturers Association, the European Center for Power Electronics and Power Sources Manufacturer's Association This broad participation of academia and industry resulted in a multi-disciplinary event to present and discuss innovative solutions to address the challenges of power packaging in many applications.  Planning will begin soon for IWIPP 2021 that will expand this commitment to the power packages of tomorrow.  People interested in helping to organize for 2021 can just reach out to Dr. Andrew Lemmon at lemmon@eng.ua.edu.

Sponsored by:
IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS)
IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society (CPMT)
IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS)
Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA)
European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE)


Provided by Dr. John Bultitude, PSMA Representative,
with additional input from Dr. Andrew Lemmon, IWIPP 2019 Finance Chair


International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP) 2017
Posted: 2017-7-2

The 2017 International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP), which was held at the Technical University of Delft from April 5-7, was a great event focused on upcoming developments in packaging from the device to the system, with 80 total attendees across industry, research, and academic institutions in the fields of power packaging and system design. This year's attendees were exposed to three days of inter-disciplinary technical content focused on the enhanced understanding of the major issues within the power packaging industry. On both Wednesday and Thursday morning, the conference agenda was opened with curated tutorials – one on Packaging & Thermal Management by Dr. Patrick McCluskey of the University of Maryland, and one on Electrical Insulation by Dr. Thierry Lebey of the University of Toulouse. Friday morning introduced a Modeling & Reliability Panel Session with leaders from different simulation and modeling fields across both academic and industry organizations. This year's technical sessions addressed Systems & Circuits,  Power Modules, Packaging & Interconnects, Thermal Management, and Sensors, Passives, & EMI. In addition to the technical sessions, tutorials, and panel sessions, each day also included invited keynote presentations selected to discuss the future of the wide bandgap and power packaging industry.

Wolfspeed's Brice McPherson, a power module design engineer, presenting on how innovative thermal management techniques can improve the Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Market.
Second day of Technical Sessions.

The 2017 IWIPP Student Travel Grant Award winner was Andrea Wallace of the University of Arkansas, who presented on her research group's work with Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode Flip-Chip packaging. Andrea is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Center for Space & Planetary Sciences Department, pursuing research in the field of Power Packaging for High Temperature Applications under Dr. Alan Mantooth. Andrea's Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, coupled with her career goal to work with space-bound systems, lead her to choose the power packaging research field and to attend the 2017 IWIPP event, due to its inter-disciplinary nature.

General Chair, Dr. Ty McNutt, of Wolfspeed presenting IWIPP's 2017 Student Travel Grant Award Winner, Andrea Wallace, with her conference stipend.
View from Wolfspeed's Conference Banquet activity, which was a guided tour through the historic canals of Delft.

While the conference was heavy with technical sessions, there were also plenty of networking opportunities available to attendees. On Wednesday, upon conclusion of the technical sessions, attendees were invited to a Poster, Lab Tour, & Exhibition Reception, sponsored by Murata. There were three posters, which represented technical papers included in the proceedings, and five technical demonstrations from TU Delft researchers; a tour of TU Delft's famous High Voltage laboratory was also provided during Murata's Welcome Reception. On Thursday evening, the conference attendees celebrated a successful event with a boat trip through the historic canals of Delft, followed by the Wolfspeed Conference Banquet where prizes from IWIPP's industrial sponsors were raffled off. Winners received: an Apple Watch, courtesy of Wolfspeed; an Apple iPad, courtesy of Murata; a Lego® Mindstorms® set, courtesy of Littelfuse; and Holland's famous Stroopwafels, courtesy of ISP Systems.

The 2017 event brought together a multi-faceted group of supporting technical organizations; in addition to the Power Sources Manufacturers Associations (PSMA), the event also included: the IEEE Components, Packaging & Manufacturing Technology Society; the IEEE Dielectric & Electrical Insulation Society; the IEEE Power Electronics Society; and the European Center for Power Electronics. These societies all remain committed to expanding the future development of the International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging. The next International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging is currently being planned, and the 2019 location will be announced on the website in the coming months. For 2019, the IWIPP Steering Committee plans to expand its commitment to bringing together inter-disciplinary thought leaders in the field of power packaging to discuss innovative solutions to the industry's biggest challenges. Please stay tuned for more information about the event from PSMA and to learn how you can become involved in the 2019 event.

Provided by Lauren Kegley, IWIPP 2017 Sponsorship & Publications Chair


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