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Adel Nasiri
Posted: 2021-10-15

Adel Nasiri
University of South Carolina
301 Main St, Rm 3A32
Columbia, SC 29208

     State / Province: South Carolina
     Postal Code: 29208
     Country: USA
     E-mail: nasiri@sc.edu

Telephone: 803-576-7796
E-mail: nasiri@sc.edu
Website: sc.edu

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Power Electronics Group, Tallinn University of Technology
Posted: 2021-9-20

Power Electronics Group, Tallinn University of Technology
Andrii Chub
Ehitajate tee 5, NRG-402
19086 Tallinn
Telephone: 0037254592062
E-mail: andrii.chub@taltech.ee
Website: taltech.ee

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Bose Research Pvt. Ltd.
Posted: 2021-9-5

Bose Research Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Supratim Basu
# 1 KVC Complex
5th Main Road, RMV Stage-II
Bangalore 560094 India
Telephone: +9108023419278
E-mail: sb@boseresearch.com
Website: www.boseresearch.com

Bose Research is a rapidly growing company providing R&D Services in Power Electronics with embedded / analog controls to technical specifications, product cost, reliability figures etc. Bose Research develops productionable prototypes that meet predefined specifications, and the complete technology is transferred to their customers.

With a wide range of specialist expertise, including development of Power Electronics, Custom Power Supplies, Analog Circuits, Digital Power, Solar and Renewable Energy, EMC and New Product Development, there are few design challenges beyond their scope. In addition to engineering excellence, Bose Research has a range of Intellectual Property building blocks to deliver market ready products within time and budget.

Cambridge GaN Devices Ltd
Posted: 2021-9-4

Cambridge GaN Devices Ltd
Andrea Bricconi
Deanland House, 160 Cowley Road
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB4 0DL
United Kingdom
Telephone: +491732410796
E-mail: andrea.bricconi@camgandevices.com
Website: www.camgandevices.com

After almost a decade of leading-edge research and development at Cambridge University, CEO Giorgia Longobardi and her team have launched Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) which has been created to explore and develop a number of unique opportunities in power electronics made possible by the team's proprietary application of Gallium Nitride to the silicon-based semiconductor transistor manufacturing process.

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) offers customers Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors with significantly higher switching frequency, lower losses and lower on-resistance than the most commercially successful silicon alternatives. Using GaN as the main semiconductor and growing this on a silicon substrate, combined with a suite of proprietary technical innovations, provides CGD with a number of competitive advantages. The possibilities and range of potential applications for these transistors is almost endless in this increasingly digitally connected world.

Posted: 2021-9-3

Natasha Probert
2/2 3 Craigcrook Terrace
Edinburgh, Scotland EH4 3QN
United Kingdom
E-mail: natasha.probert@netbit.com
Website: www.netbit.com

NetBit Electronics is the only major power supply company focusing exclusively on customer premises equipment such as broadband gateways, video set-top boxes, and smart home devices. NetBit's customized power supply designs feature industry-leading efficiency and power density at competitive prices. From the onset, NetBit works with customers every step of the way to meet their specifications and deliver on time.

NetBit can design and manufacture any type of AC- DC power supply with an output power from 1W to 160W in a variety of form factors to suit their customers' requirements. In addition to the case design, they can design the PSU to exact requirements to meet specific reliability and efficiency requirements as well as international safety and regulatory standards. They can also support and advise with regional approvals for areas in South and North America, the Middle East and Asia.

Prodrive Technology B.V.
Posted: 2021-9-1
Prodrive Technology B.V.
Nikolay Mihaylov
Science Park Eindhoven 5501
Son, Noord-Brabant 5692 EM
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 64 68 58 531

Prodrive Technology B.V. is a privately owned company founded in 1993, specializing mainly in design, validation and manufacturing of Electronics and Mechatronics with a wide range of power converters, high-precision linear actuators and amplifiers. In close cooperation with clients, Prodrive develops and delivers a wide range of high-tech products, systems and solutions, employing techniques that are extremely efficient and often unique. Everything is done in-house, using the very latest process techniques, many of which they developed. As a result of this innovative approach, Prodrive is among the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe.

Prodrive Technology creates technologies that are essential links in the systems which form the basis for today's and tomorrow's world. This includes technology, for instance, that improves the quality of medical imaging, which allows for diagnostics that recognize diseases earlier and more accurately. Other Prodrive techniques also contribute to reducing the global dependency on fossil fuels, and to minimizing human exposure to air pollution.

Wired & Wireless Technologies Ltd. (WAWT)
Posted: 2021-6-29

Wired & Wireless Technologies Ltd. (WAWT)
Dinesh Kithany
10 High Street, Cubbington
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 7LY
United Kingdom
Telephone: +447935855255
E-mail: dinesh.kithany@wawt.tech
Website: www.wawt.tech


Wired & Wireless Technologies (WAWT) is a strategic technology analyst and consultancy firm focusing on power supplies, wireless power, and EV charging infrastructure industries. WAWT's aim is to provide data, insights, market intelligence and strategic guidance to companies across the value-chain, with its market reports, intelligence and consultancy services as well as Thought-Leadership solutions.

WAWT was founded on the core beliefs of providing exceptional, authentic, reliable data and competent knowledge and insights on the latest technology trends and updates. Their thorough research and analysis practices help clients drive change in their strategies and investments that help them to grow and to succeed. WAWT's Subject Matter Experts have strong knowledge and 10+ years of experience in their field and come with a research and insights background that help them offer tailormade solutions appropriate to meet clients research and business objectives.

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