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Mission and Focus

The Energy Management Technical Committee is the result of the merger of the former Alterrnate Energy and Energy Efficiency Technical Committees to focus on many of the common interests of the committee.

The mission of the Energy Management Technical Committee is to serve the needs of manufacturers, government policy making agencies and industry standards organizations to provide education, support, and recommendations in matters regarding the energy efficiency of power supplies and system power architectures (no-load, standby, and active-on) with, as a primary goal, the establishment of a consistent global standard for energy efficiency.

The Energy Management Technical Committee was established to focus on the following:

  • The development of a data base containing the most recent information on energy efficiency standards for electronic power supplies and motor drives, both existing and evolving, from government and regulatory organizations worldwide. The database will be maintained and updated and kept current. Access to the data base will require the individual to register and will be available to both PSMA members and to the others in the industry.
  • Presentations of power electronics based technologies applicable to the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) devices that include: Wind Generators, Photovoltaic Systems, Fuel Cells, Internal combustion reciprocating engines, Micro Turbines, Waste Heat Recovery Devices, and Energy Storage Systems.
  • Inform PSMA members on the status, trends and issues related to alternative energy products and system applications and updates related to emerging technologies, emerging markets and new applications for alternative energy sources.
  • Facilitate cooperation between PSMA and manufacturers, industry standards organizations, and government policy-making agencies on matters regarding energy management of power networks including mix of both renewable and traditional energy sources.
  • Encourage participation of PSMA in international and domestic conferences and technical workshops.