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Webinar - Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulations: Global Policy Framework

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Abstract: This is the first webinar in the upcoming series on Appliance Energy Efficiency Regulations.

Energy supply, security, and affordability continue to pop to the forefront of global concerns. Faced also with the need to reduce carbon emissions, policymakers continue to drive regulatory frameworks to promote higher energy efficiency and increased sustainability.

This webinar series will start by providing the context and background for energy efficiency regulations all over the world. Through a number of deep-dive topics to follow, the series will then focus in particular on energy efficiency regulations for appliances and equipment as a means to reach the needed reduction in energy consumption to meet emissions targets and achieve carbon neutrality. Can we get there by 2050? 2060? Register for the webinars and join us for the conversation!

Presenter:  David Chen, Power Integrations
Mr. David Chen joined Power Integrations in 2015 as Director of Applications Engineering.  With 28 years of experience in power system design and applications, David has held senior management positions at both publicly traded and privately held companies, including Volterra (acquired by Maxim), Akros Silicon, and Jade Sky Technologies, an LED driver start-up which he co-founded.  David received both his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and is the author of two patents. David currently chairs the Energy Management Committee for the Power Sources Manufacturers Association.