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Ongoing Work

The PSMA Capacitor Committee organizes Workshops, Industry Sessions, and Webinars to educate and share Capacitor issues.

The Workshops are all day events typically held on the Saturday before APEC. We choose a theme that is relevant and viewed as a current concern or need in the industry. We use the entire day to educate and introduce attendees to new perspectives and, up and coming tends. We pull speakers and information from both manufacturing, and University research levels. Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon networking session with drinks and more food are included. There are demonstration tables and research posters offered during these times and extra time is allotted to ensure attendees can see everything that they want. NOTE: the Magnetics Committee offers their own Workshop in an identical format to the Capacitor Committee at the exact same time. The demonstration area is in fact shared with the Magnetics Workshop thus adding to the breadth of information that can be garnered by attending our Workshop.

Our Industry Sessions are a part of APEC, and focus on trending themes. You can see previous Industry Session presentations on this website.  We bring in speakers from many industries and Universities to approach the specific theme from several different angles. We typically offer a 7 subject Industry Session with each speaker presenting for 20 minutes with 5 additional minutes of Q&A. The presentations are actively vetted for subject matter and to limit the “sales” portion of the material.

There are two different types of Webinars; those that are strictly educational, and those that are focused on the PSMA Roadmap. Webinars that are focused strictly on education were named “Capacitor Fundamentals” 101, 201, etc. We started this series by defining what a capacitor is and what it does in a circuit. We are now up to 301 and this next webinar will focus more on Capacitor application. The Capacitor Committee also has Webinars dedicated to the information that is included in the PSMA Roadmap that is published every second year. The Roadmap Webinars are held on Thursdays and always cover the newest technology, design technique, or topology looking out 3-5 years since it will be part of the roadmap publication

Recent Work:

All recent Industry Session work can be viewed in the Presentations tab.

The recent Fundamentals Webinars can be found in the Educational Resources Tab

The Workshop Sessions, recordings and slides, are made available after 6 months in the Presentations tab.

The Workshop and the Industry Session are annual events. The Webinars are scheduled in a timely manner given the proper available material.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events….