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The PSMA Capacitors Committee is a group of volunteers knowledgeable about capacitors and power electronics. Members include people from capacitor makers, the power electronics industry, and leading consultants. The committee works in concert with the PSMA Magnetics Committee to enhance passive components education and design tools. The aim of the group is to support the power electronics capacitor industry. The committee is involved in capacitor design papers, education, and design tools. The members and their companies can be excellent resources for designers and users of capacitors.

Recent Work:

This committee was reactivated in 2010 and it did the Capacitors for Power Electronics Special Presentations Session at APEC 2011.  The special capacitors session had eight 20-minute presentations covering advances in MLCCs,  aluminum electrolytics, polymer aluminum and tantalum capacitors,  film capacitors, high-voltage film capacitors, supercapacitors and hybrid tantalum capacitors.  The presentations were well received and the capacitor committee is planning a follow on session in APEC 2013.  For PSMA Packaging Committee APEC 2012 seminar the Capacitor Committee is creating a presentation covering Capacitors for High Temperature and High Density Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles.


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