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Power Magnetics @ High Frequency -  Eliminating the Smoke and Mirrors

Date: Saturday March 3 2018
Room 217CD Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center, APEC 2018 San Antonio Texas

The PSMA Magnetics Committee and IEEE PELS will hold the third “Power Magnetics @ High Frequency – Eliminating the Smoke and Mirrors” workshop on Saturday, March 3, 2018 -  the day before and in the same venue as APEC 2018 at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas.

The target audience for this workshop is all who wish to achieve higher power densities, low profile aspect ratio, higher efficiencies, and improved thermal performance.  The workshop content is especially suitable for:

DESIGNERS of power magnetic components
MANUFACTURERS of magnetic materials and magnetic structures
FABRICATORS of magnetic components
PROVIDERS of modelling and simulation software
MANUFACTURERS of test and characterization equipment

Workshop attendees can arrive to the meeting room between 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM for a buffet style breakfast and informal discussions with their colleagues and peers. There will be an opportunity to preview the technology demonstrations during the breakfast session.

The workshop will consist of morning (core losses) and afternoon (fringing effects) technical lecture presentation sessions and a lunchtime interactive technology demonstration session. The two technical lecture presentation sessions will each be followed by a panel Q&A period. The technology demonstrations will also be available during the breakfast prior to the opening session and during the networking session at the end of the day’s events.

The morning technical session will feature a thirty-five minute keynote presentation and five twenty-five minute lecture style presentations concluding with a thirty minute panel Q&A session. There will be a five minute Q&A interaction after each lecture presentation. The tentative schedule for this session is:

  • Dr. Charles Sullivan, Dartmouth will present a keynote presentation “Core Loss: What We Know and What We Don’t Know”
  • Stefan Ehrlich, Fraunhofer Institute, will present “Accuracy and Compensation Issues for AC Power Loss Measurements”
  • Marek Rylko, SMA Magnetics, will present “Magnetic Core Dimensional Effects – Flux Propagation in Ferrites”
  • Ed Herbert, PSMA, will present “Generic Specification Sheets”
  • Byron Beddingfield, North Carolina State University, will present “Generic Test Methods Core Loss”
  • Ray Ridley, Ridley Engineering, will discuss “What’s Needed Going Forward”
  • Panel Discussion:  Dr. Sullivan, Stefan Ehrlich, Marek Rylko, Ed Herbert, Byron Beddingfield and Ray Ridley will lead a panel discussion regarding issues associated with ac power loss measurements.  Everyone’s participation is encouraged.

The second session “Technology Demonstrations” will be coincident with lunch. This will be an interactive session of technology demonstrations and/or presentations each addressing specific technical disciplines and capabilities consistent with the workshop agenda. The individual technology demonstrations will repeat on fifteen minute intervals with a ten-minute presentation and a five minute Q&A during each interval. Workshop attendees are encouraged to move between the technology demonstrations on fifteen minute intervals so they can cover as many as possible during the session as well as to allow reasonably small groups for each technology demonstration session during each interval.

The technical capabilities and disciplines that will be demonstrated displayed during the technology demonstration session are as follows:

  • JC Sun, Bs&T:  AC Power Loss Measurements Under Square Wave Excitation
  • Bruce Carsten, Peak: Gapped Cores
  • Ray Ridley, Ridley Engineering: Spice Modelling of Winding Losses
  • Jenna Pollock: Fundamentals of L, R, |Z| Measurements
  • Tom Neville/Byron Beddingfield, Tektronix/NCSU:  Generic AC Power Loss Measurements
  • Chris Oliver, Micrometals:  Thermal vs Power Loss Limitations for powder Core Materials
  • Martin Gruebl/Doug Malcolm, Sumida:  DC Biased Chokes for High Frequency Applications
  • Marcin Kacki, SMA Magnetics: Drilled Core Measurements, Electrical Impedance of Ferrites
  • Chuck Wild, Dexter Magnetics:  Magnetic Supplier Technology Roadmaps.
    • EPCOS, a TDK Group Company: Dr. Sadhab Ganda, Philipp Laurer
    • Fair Rite: John Lynch
    • Magnetics; Bradley Van Fleet
    • Rubadue: Kyle Jensen

There are additional technology demonstrations that have not been finalized at this time.

The third technical session will feature a twenty-five minute keynote presentation and four twenty minute lecture style presentations concluding with a twenty-five minute panel Q&A session. Each presenter will speak for thirty minutes followed by ten minutes for Q&A. There will be a five minute Q&A interaction after each lecture presentation. The tentative schedule for this session is as follows:
Dr. Charles Sullivan, Dartmouth will present a keynote overview of ac power loss measurements and modelling

  • Dominik Neumayr, ETH, will present “Fringing Flux Associated with Cut Cores”
  • Michael Baumann, Sumida, will present “A Simple Analytical Model to Calculate Air Gap Induced Eddy Current Losses in Inductive Components”
  • Michael Seeman, Eta One Power, will present Impact of Fringing Effects on Design of DC-DC Converters”
  • George Slama, Wurth Elektronik, will present near Magnetic Field Considerations for EMI Design”
  • Panel Discussion: Dr. Charles Sullivan, Dr. Johann Kolar, Michael Baumann, Michael Seeman and George Slama will address topics of interest from the workshop attendees.  Everyone’s participation is encouraged.

Following the third technical session there will be a networking hour. Wine, beer and hors d’oeuvres will be served from 5:00 to 6:00. This will be an additional opportunity to visit with the technology demonstration stations.

Registration is limited and interested attendees are encouraged to register early. The early registration fee for the workshop is $325 per participant reducing to $225 for PSMA and IEEE PELS members and students. On February 1, 2018, the registration fee will increase to $375 reducing to $275 for PSMA and IEEE PELS members and students. Breakfast and lunch will be provided as part of the workshop. Electronic copies of the technical lecture presentations and technology demonstration presentations will be made available to the workshop participants. 

EARLY REGISTRATION IS CLOSED, there will be limited availability for walk in registrations on Saturday morning.

*The PSMA Capacitor Committee and IEEE PELS are sponsoring a Capacitor Workshop “Everything You Wanted to Know About Capacitors But Were Afraid to Ask” that will be held concurrently. Each workshop requires a separate registration and attendees will only be able to attend the workshop they have registered for, but the Capacitor and Magnetics Technical Demonstrations will be open to all attendees of both workshops.

Organizing Committee

Khurram Afridi, University of Colorado Boulder
Ali Bazzi, University of Connecticut
Steve Carlsen, Raytheon
Ed Herbert
Rodney Rogers, All Star Magnetics
Laili Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Fred Weber, Future Technology Worldwide
Chuck Wild, Dexter Magnetics

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