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Power Magnetics @ High Frequency 2019 Workshop Presentations

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AC Core Loss

Keynote: High Frequency Effects in the Core (Gerald Hurley, National University of Ireland, Galway)   Magnetics Core Dimensional Effects - Flux Propagation in Ferrites (Marcin Kacki, SMA Magnetics)   Panel Discussion (Hurley, Kacki)
Series-coupling Characterization of High-Leakage Magnetic Components (John Hayes, University College Cork)   Lumped Transmission Line Model for Displacement and Conductive Eddy Currents in Ferrite Cores (Charles Sullivan, Dartmouth)   Standardized Testing and Data Sheets (Seung Ryul Moon, National Energy Technology Laboratory)
Panel Discussion (Hurley, Hayes, Sullivan, Moon)        

Thermal Management of Power Magnetics

Keynote: Recent Trends in Design and Techniques to Influence Thermal Performance of Magnetic Components (Peter Wilson, University of Bath)   Thermal Issues Associated with the Design of Solid State Transformers (Subhashish Bhattacharya, NCSU FREEDM)   Getting the Heat Out (George Slama, Wurth Elektronik)
Spice Modelling of the Transformer Losses and Thermal Based Verifications (Qichen Yang, Georgia Tech RISE)   Panel Discussion (Wilson, Bhattacharya, Slama, Yang)   Closing Remarks: What Is Right With Magnetics (Alexander Gerfer, Wurth Elektronik)

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Technical Session - AC Core Loss

Technology Demonstrations Session

Technical Session - Thermal Management of Power Magnetics

Closing Remarks