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Power Magnetics @ High Frequency- Transforming the Black Magic to Engineering

The PSMA Magnetics Committee and IEEE PELS are organizing a second workshop, “Power Magnetics @ High Frequency – Transforming the Black Magic to Engineering” to be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 -  the day before and in the same venue as APEC 2017 at the Tampa Convention Center. The successful inaugural workshop, “Power Magnetics @ High Frequency – Solving the Black Magic!”, was held in Long Beach, CA prior to APEC 2016.

Target audience:

The target audience for this workshop is all who wish to achieve higher power densities, low profile aspect ratio, higher efficiencies, and improved thermal performance.  The workshop content is especially suitable for:

DESIGNERS of power magnetic components
MANUFACTURERS of magnetic materials and magnetic structures
FABRICATORS of magnetic components
PROVIDERS of modelling and simulation software
MANUFACTURERS of test and characterization equipment

This workshop has five (5) sessions:

1. Keynote presentations

  • Dr. Johann Kolar of ETH Zürich provides an overview of the impact of magnetics design on the technical performance of power converters over a broad range of applications.
  • Donna Kepcia of Magnetics provides an overview and trade-offs of the spectrum of magnetic materials available for power magnetics design.

2. Special technical session on AC power Loss measurements

  • This session is a panel presentations and discussion regarding equipment considerations and factors impacting measurement core loss accuracy.  It includes  an update on an industry initiatives to specify AC power loss data based on different measuring conditions.   Discussion will highlight technical considerations when comparing AC power loss measurements with sinewave excitation vs. square-wave excitation.
  • The panel features Ray Ridley (Ridley Engineering), Charles Sullivan (Dartmouth), Zoran Pavlovic (Tyndall Institute), Bruce Carsten, Ed Herbert and Chuck Wild (Dexter).

3. Technology demonstration session

  • This session consists of ten table-top demonstrations. These are not vendor sales booths and the presenters have been invited to present equipment and material that will supplement the workshop.
  • Technology demonstration include:
    • DI/DT Measurements of Inductance by JC Sun of Bs&T Technologies
    • Developing Models and Simulations from Measurement Data by Andreas Muesing of Gecko-Simulations
    • Magnetics Characterization Equipment/Test Set by Bruce Carsten,
    • Correlation Between Modelling and Measurments of a Common Mode Choke by Rodney Rodgers of Allstar Magnetics
    • Core Loss Measurement on High Phase Angle Material by Ryu Nagahama
      of IWATSU
    • Materials and Design Tools for Magnetics Suitable for 1 MHz+ Switching Frequencies
      by Chris Oliver of Micrometals
    • Modelling Modular UR Cores by Kevin McGivern of  McGivern Technologies
    • Calculation  of AC  Losses of Filter Inductors in Inverters by Lorandt Foelkel of Wurth Elektronik
  • Magnetic Material and Structures Roadmap Presentations include:
    • National Magnetics: Rudy Geisler
    • EPCOS, a TDK Group Company: Dr. Bernard Michaud, Jan Simecek

4. Technical Issues Session

  • John Lynch of Fair-Rite products provides a presentation on developing materials and geometries for High Frequency Power Magnetics
  • Laili Wang of Xi'an Jiaotong University provides a presentation on the integration of magnetics in point of load (POL) converters

5. Special technical session on modelling of ac power loss

  • Charles Sullivan leads a panel of experts including Ray Ridley and Ed Herbert on models that are available to predict ac power losses including both conductor and magnetic material losses.

Registration is limited and interested attendees are encouraged to register early. The early registration fee for the workshop is $300, reduced to $200 for PSMA and IEEE PELS members and for students at an accredited university. On March 1, the registration fee increases to $350, reduced to $250 for members and students. Breakfast and lunch are provided.  The presentations end at 5:00 and are followed by a social event, with wine, beer and hors d’oeuvres.  The presenters will participate and the technical demonstrations will remain active during the social hour for those who wish to continue discussions and see the technical demonstrations.

Electronic copies of the keynote presentations will be made available to the workshop participants.

Organizing Committee
Matt Wilkowski, Intel
Steve Carlsen, Raytheon Systems Company
Ed Herbert
Rodney Rodgers
Fred Weber, Future Technology Worldwide
Chuck Wild, Dexter Magnetic Technologies Inc.

Power Magnetics @ High Frequency – Solving the Black Magic! 2016 Workshop Presentations

The presentations from Power Magnetics @ High Frequency – Solving the Black Magic! 2016 Workshop are available at

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