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PSMA, as a service to the power electronics industry, wants to provide this information for the education of its members as well as the industry in general. This is a work in progress since every month that passes sees changes and updates to the manner in which the industry is responding to this legislation. Since every electronic product typically has some form of a power supply inside or required. The entire electronics industry is impacted by lead free product requirements. Thus, PSMA is committed to assisting the industry and members on understanding the latest requirements. Useful links are provided as well (see resources tab above) to assist in keeping abreast of the latest changing requirement in our industry. 



Distributors' Position Paper on Lead-Free Product Transition and RoHS Compliance
Uncovering the New Waste Directives
Qualification Temperature Profile for Lead-Free Reflow Soldering
The Development of a Qualification Temperature Profile for Lead-free Reflow Soldering
Lead-Free Soldering Guide
Whisker Evaluation of Tin-Plated Logic Component Leads
Stress Analysis and Accelerated Evaluation of Tin Whisker under Thermal Shock Stress
Reliability Data - Matte Tin Lead Finish
Facing a Lead-Free Future
View on Countermeasures to Sn Whiskers for Lead-free Soldering

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