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Our Objectives

Provide PSMA Member Companies a resource to identify Educational and University Institutions, world wide, which have ongoing and active programs in power electronics. This will provide the Member Companies a source for attracting potential new employees and opportunity for possible partnering on Research and Development projects.

Provide the Educational and University Institutions an opportunity to promote their programs in power electronics to interested companies outside their immediate areas. This exposure could result in generating additional support for the institution from the power sources industry for ongoing and new programs. In addition the exposure will provide the students and graduates with additional options as they transition from the educational to the business community.

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Michigan Technological University

Program description:

Power Electronics Systems, Electric Power Systems and Motor Drives.

# Grad students: 10
Contact e-mail:
Contact name: Wayne Weaver
Department website:
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Wayne Weaver
Dr. Bruce Mork
Dr. Leonard Bohmann
Dr. Dennis Wiitanen

University website: