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Our Objectives

Provide PSMA Member Companies a resource to identify Educational and University Institutions, world wide, which have ongoing and active programs in power electronics. This will provide the Member Companies a source for attracting potential new employees and opportunity for possible partnering on Research and Development projects.

Provide the Educational and University Institutions an opportunity to promote their programs in power electronics to interested companies outside their immediate areas. This exposure could result in generating additional support for the institution from the power sources industry for ongoing and new programs. In addition the exposure will provide the students and graduates with additional options as they transition from the educational to the business community.

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Illinois Institute of Technology

Program description:

1. Power Electronics and Motor Drives Research Laboratory The computer simulation as well as theoretical and experimental aspects of our research work are done in this laboratory. The laboratory is well equipped and provides sophisticated instrumentation, test equipment, microprocessor hardware and software development, and a collection of commercial software packages. Our research interests include:

* Modeling, analysis, design, and control of power electronic converters. * Switching Power Supplies. * Stability and Control of power supplies and UPS systems. * Digital control of adjustable speed motor drives. * Automotive and aerospace power electronics. * Electric machines and drives design. * ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

We also provide short courses in the above mentioned areas for the industry. We have also several part-time Ph.D. students who are working in the Chicago area.  

2. Grainger Power Electronics & Electric Motor Drives Teaching Laboratories Facilities of these laboratories are advanced specialized experimental teaching setups for undergraduate and graduate power electronics programs. These laboratories are one of the best-equipped and most advanced labs for teaching purposes in the nation. In fact, few universities have equipment of this sophistication for their teaching laboratories. The specialized knowledge of the faculty in the fields of power electronics and advanced motor drives as well as our facilities with state of the art technology and support of Grainger Electric Power Laboratories, Energy and Power Center, Fuel Cell/Battery Research Hub, and IIT Research Institute at Illinois Institute of Technology are among other features that facilitate the progress and successful completion of the research projects.

Contact e-mail:
Contact name: Ali Emadi
Department website:
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Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Power Electronics & Motor Drives Laboratory

1 full-time faculty and 1 part-time faculty in the areas of Power Electronics and Motor Drives as well as 5 supporting professors.

General contact info:

Power Electronics & Motor Drives Laboratory Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Illinois Institute of Technology 3301 S. Dearborn Street Chicago, IL 60616-3793 Tel: (312) 567-8940 Fax: (312) 567-8976

Student body description:

More than 5 graduate students.

University website: