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Macquarie University
Program Description:

Undergraduate Electrical Engineering major: emphasis on “smart” sustainable electrical energy technology and systems.

Research and development: power electronics, electric vehicles, energy management, “smart” sustainable electrical energy technology and systems.

# Grad students: 10 (Feb. 2017)
# Undergrad students: > 300 (i.e. entering first year, across all engineering majors)
Contact name: Prof. Graham Town
Department website:

2 (Prof + A/Prof, 2 more appointments planned for 2017)

General contact info:

Graham Town
Professor, SMIEEE, FIEAust
Department of Engineering
Macquarie University
NSW 2109 Australia
T: +61 2 9850 9145
F: +61 2 9850 9128
M: + 61 4 5832 9634

Student body description:

Integrated undergraduate engineering program, accredited by Engineers Australia, offering a range of majors, including; Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronic, and Telecommunications Engineering. Graduate student R&D in power electronics, electric vehicles, “smart” grids, etc.

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