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How often is the roadmap published?
The Power Technology Roadmap (PTR) report is done every two years. In the past it has been done every three years but based on demand from the members, the frequency has been increased to every two years. The 2021 PTR has been delayed to 2022 due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Who is involved in the PTR roadmap effort?
An all volunteer team from various companies with various backgrounds are involved. Most are from PSMA member companies (although they do not have to be). The technology presentations are done by key industry leaders at the request of PSMA.
Who do I contact for additional information?
You can contact the chairs of the PTR committee, Dhaval Dala and Conor Quinn. You can also contact Joe Horzepa of PSMA. Additional contacts for each of the sub-teams is listed on the "Contacts" tab.
Co-Chair: Dhaval Dalal – ACP Technologies LLCdhaval@acptek.com
Co-Chair: Conor Quinn – Advanced EnergyConor.Quinn@aei.com
PSMA: Joe Horzepa, power@psma.com, +1-973 543-9660