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PSMA/EPSMA Webinar: Guidelines for Lifetime Specification of Power Converters
Abstract: This webinar is a summary of a paper published by the European Power Supplies Manufacturers’ Association on the subject of Specification of Lifetime of Power Converters. Firstly, terms are defined; lifetime, MTBF, MTTF, FITS, reliability. The difference between lifetime and reliability expressed as MTBF is emphasized with examples of how they can be very different. Factors affecting lifetime for key components are listed and explained, then failure mechanisms, stress factors and lifetime estimation calculation methodology described. The details for one component type are given, then summary information given for other key components. Conclusions and recommendations are given for the format used in data sheets for lifetime specification, to enable realistic comparisons between products.
Presenter: Paul Lee, European Power Supplies Manufacturers’ Association
Paul Lee is the manager of the European Power Supplies Manufacturers’ Association and a freelance author of over 400 articles and blogs on power subjects as well as a book on power supply design techniques: ‘Power Supplies Explained’. As a Chartered Engineer and with a degree in electronics, Lee previously worked as a Director of Engineering for Murata Power Solutions.