Transformers for Electronic Circuits by Nathan R. Grossner – Second Edition Reprint (2011)

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This is a reprinted edition of one of the classic design texts on magnetics design! It is a complete, one-stop guide to transformer and inductor design and applications for everyone who designs, builds, or uses power magnetics components. Throughout this book, the author, Nathan R. Grossner, combines analysis and synthesis, and all theory is related to the solution of real-world problems. Sections of the text provide guidance in the use of transformers and inductors in power electronics and in digital and pulse circuits. Also included is design information about other forms of high-frequency magnetics such as transmission-line transformers, hybrid transformers, ferroresonant transformers, flyback converter magnetics and inductors used in switch mode power converter designs. Special attention is given in the book to the proper control of dielectric stress, corona and thermal factors in high-voltage magnetics designs. Modeling methods for magnetic parts are also included and treated in some detail. This book is an essential reference book for any engineer involved in the design and development of modern-day magnetic components.