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Power Magnetics @ High Frequency 2024 Workshop Presentations

The presentations from the 2023 Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop are available to workshop attendees both as a PDF of the presentation slides and a video with the charts and audio including the panel discussions.

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Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop 2020

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Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop 2020
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May 12     Winding Techniques Part I

May 19     Winding Techniques Part II

June 2    Software Modelling Techniques  

June 9   Measurements for Developing Models

June 16   Modelling Magnetic Materials


PSMA-SMA Core Loss Studies - Phase II Final Report


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PSMA Basics of Magnetics for Switching Power Webinar Series
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Basics of Inductors - January 22, 2020


Basics of Power Transformers - February 12, 2020


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