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APEC 2022 Exposition Co-Chair Opening on the APEC Conference Committee


As a co-sponsor of APEC, the PSMA is helping to spread the word about the opportunity for a passionate exhibitor representative to volunteer on the APEC Conference Committee as an Exposition Co-Chair. This is a key role for the success of APEC 2022 and onwards. The Expo leadership team is made up of an Exposition Chair and two Co-Chairs. Naturally this opportunity requires leadership, management, and organizational skills.

Key responsibilities of the exhibitor representative:

  • Identify ways to retain exhibitors for future APECs.
  • Recommend ways to attract new exhibitors & attendees.
  • Offer suggestions to improve the conference experience for both exhibitor and attendees.
  • Maintain a good relationship with other exhibitors.
  • Understand and represent the interests of exhibitors.
  • Understand and represent the APEC Conference Committee to exhibitors.
  • Provide input on the exhibitor floorplan before exhibitors select booths.
  • Provide input to the APEC Steering committee for exhibition selection criteria for future APEC locations and conference management.

Key candidate selection criteria:

  • Must participate on the APEC conference committee monthly conference calls (approximately 60-90 minutes long each call).
  • Preference for a representative who is able to travel to APEC Planning Meeting for on-site tour.
  • Must proactively share how committee decisions impact the exhibitor community.
  • Must be willing to help resolve exhibitor issues and issues with exhibitors.
  • Preference for a current exhibitor who has exhibited at least three times at previous APECs.
  • Preference for a representative from a small or medium sized company.
  • Must be willing to serve a minimum of 3 years (note: all committee members serve at the pleasure of the General Chair, who may choose someone else if he/she prefers).

If you would like additional information or are interested in volunteering for this position, please contact Frank Cirolia, APEC Social Media Chair, at

Provided by: Frank Cirolia, APEC Social Media Chair and PSMA Marketing Committee Co-Chair


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