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PSMA Capacitor Committee and IEEE PELS Capacitor Workshop

How to Choose and Define Capacitor Usage for Emerging Applications
Saturday March 14 2020
Prior to APEC 2020
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA 70130

T he PSMA Capacitor Technical Committee and IEEE PELS are jointly Sponsoring the third pre-APEC Capacitor Workshop on Saturday March 14, 2020, the day before the conference begins, at the New Orleans Convention Center. The 2020 workshop follows up the successful Workshops in 2018, and 2019. Feedback from the previous workshops showed that these events delivered valuable insights to attendees and provided ideas for what topics to address in the 2020 workshop around Capacitors, their technologies and applications. The workshop is designed to bring value to everyone, from newcomers to advanced designers of DC-DC converters, frequency drives, inverters, and other power conversation applications.

The workshop organizing committee has a clear mission:

The PSMA Capacitor Committee/ IEEE PELS Annual pre-APEC Workshop will educate the attendees on capacitor trends, technologies, and innovations. Wherever and whenever applications need energy, Capacitors are at the spotlight, and as energy moves the world it is incumbent for everyone to keep their finger on the pulse of capacitor issues. The PSMA/PELS Workshop Organizing Committee is committed to present the best material available to meet the industry's needs.

Since APEC 2020 is fast approaching, now is the time to plan to attend! Capacitors represent two thirds of the overall passive components market, and the generic importance of capacitors in the electronic world is well known - but sometimes not well understood. In addition, the changing product landscape with the painful situation in 2018 with the massive MLCC undersupply has challenged many designers and product planners. Make your plans to participate in the Pre-APEC 2020 Capacitor Workshop and enhance your knowledge and productivity.

The Pre-APEC 2020 Capacitor Workshop will focus on a number of topics from Aerospace and Aeronautics to Automotive and eMobility. Representatives from world Class Manufacturers and technical specialists will also spotlight on the challenges of wideband trends and new telecommunication standards like 5G as well as providing insights into the latest capacitor technologies and trends attendees should be following. Engineers with broad hardware development experience will discuss the most efficient designs for SMPS' and also focus on how to prevent EMI issues. Researchers from universities and institutes will dive into the future of capacitor technologies and present what comes next. All of the presentations will focus into the workshop headline: "How to choose and define capacitor usage for emerging applications, wideband trends, and new technologies".

The presenters of this workshop are all experts coming from various backgrounds ranging from worldwide leading capacitor manufacturers, international universities, and technical institutions. In addition, many of the presenters are industry experts in designing circuits and applications, as well as specialists in the manufacturer of capacitors. They will provide a broad range of insights, news and relevant information to help you apply the best solutions in your daily work with capacitors. As capacitors are the most used components in the electronic world, establishing common terminology and identifying their behavior in finding the "best fit solution" are the main goals of this workshop. With a deep dive into state-of -the- art for materials and components, a roadmap of technologies and an application roundup, attendees will gain value and benefits from this workshop. in many ways.

The organizers of the Workshop aim to have a perfect balance between practical content delivered by capacitor manufacturers mixed with content offered by worldwide leading universities and their lectures on future capacitor research & development. Surrounded by keynotes of forward thinking market players the interactive sessions at the Workshop promise to deliver a fruitful package to attendees.
To round up this workshop and make it more beneficial, there will be demonstration stations available during breakfast, lunch and the afternoon networking session to add practical backgrounds to the topics discussed in the presentations. Specialists in applications and measurements will be available to answer questions on capacitors and their applications. Finally, there will be a reception during the closing demonstration session with snacks and drinks to provide additional informal networking opportunities. Continuing education credits will be available to workshop attendees.

The latest agenda, registration, and additional information will be available at

Provided by members of the Capacitor Workshop Organizing Team:

Pierre Lohrber, Wurth Electronics
Fred Weber, Future Technology Worldwide


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