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PSMA and PELS to Sponsor Pre-APEC Capacitors in Power Electronics Workshop

Saturday March 18 2023
Prior to APEC 2023
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

Capacitors have a major impact on your design. Attend this workshop to learn more about selecting the correct capacitors to help to improve design performance.

The PSMA Capacitor Committee is delighted to announce the 6th Annual Pre-APEC Capacitor Workshop sponsored by PSMA and IEEE PELS to be held on Saturday, March 18, 2023, which is the day before and at the same venue as APEC 2023 in Orlando, FL.

The 2023 workshop will continue the focus on the latest Capacitor technologies and applications to educate and to inform the industry about recent developments in the Capacitor Industry. Each year interest in the workshop grows and the valuable feedback from attendees is used for planning the next event. The first workshop, in 2018, introduced the basics, and the subsequent workshops have each gone into more details on the technologies and materials. For 2023, the workshop will focus on a question a lot of engineers ask themselves, "What is the impact of the capacitor in my design and how can the right capacitor help me to achieve proper compliance?"

The PSMA Capacitor Workshop Organizing Committee has a clear mission:

The PSMA Capacitor Committee Annual Workshop aligned with APEC has a mission to educate the attendees on capacitor trends, technologies, and innovations. Wherever and whenever applications need energy, Capacitors are at the spotlight, and as energy moves the world, it is incumbent for everyone to have a good understanding of capacitor issues. The PSMA Capacitor Committee is committed to educate and share the most recent information available to meet the industry's needs.

In 2023, our aim is to deliver value to everyone who is working with capacitors, from newbies to advanced designers of DC-DC converters, frequency drives, inverters, and other power conversation applications. Everyone working in the industry faces the same questions when it comes to capacitors. Maybe this situation sounds familiar: The application works as expected in the lab setting, but when it is installed and is operating 24/7 issues arise. Now the question is why? The workshop agenda will include presentations from a range of manufacturers, designers, and testing companies, as well as researchers from leading universities, to help you answer this question and avoid problems in the future.
Topics for the 2023 workshop include:

  • Why products fail the EMC test and how capacitors can help to pass it,
  • How can design efficiency be increased through proper capacitor selection,
  • The impact of capacitors on sustainability,
  • How an understanding of capacitor technology can help to recognize potential application issues,
  • Overview of current and emerging capacitor technologies and their specific behaviors.

The organizers aim is to provide an optimal balance between practical content delivered by leading capacitor manufacturers and a view of technology advances offered by worldwide renowned universities. The agenda will include keynote presentations from recognized experts and technical presentations on ongoing advances in capacitor research and development. The workshop will also feature panel discussions with the presenters to address questions from attendees and to expand on the materials they presented. During breakfast, lunch and the end-of-day networking period there will be demonstrations of products, technologies, equipment, and measurements to highlight many of the key concepts discussed during the presentations.

The full details of the workshop structure and the presentations are currently in progress. Please contact Frank Puhane ( of the Organizing Committee if you have any specific areas or issues you would like to see addressed at the workshop or if you are interested in being considered as a workshop presenter.

The latest information on the agenda as well as registration information of the workshop will become available on the PSMA website at: over the coming months.

Provided by members of the Capacitor Workshop Organizing Committee:
Frank Puhane, Wurth Electronics
Stephan Menzel, CapXon
Andrew Mikulski, Yageo


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