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IWIPP 2025 - International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging

Tuscaloosa, AL, USA in association with The University of Alabama

P SMA is excited to again be sponsoring the next edition of IWIPP which will be held April 8-10, 2025 at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL USA. IWIPP is a growing and dynamic power technology workshop with excellent speakers and networking opportunities. The contents of IWIPP 2025 will include a set of keynote addresses from leading experts and a broad range of technical sessions.

The International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP) brings together industry, academic and government researchers in the field of power electronics components, electrical insulating materials, and packaging technologies to facilitate and promote the development and commercialization of high-density and high-efficiency power converters. This multi-disciplinary workshop includes invited presentations, contributed papers, and a poster session.

Packaging and related technologies are the key to creating efficient and high-density power conversion systems and applications. Attendance at this important event will keep you and your colleagues on the cutting edge.

Additional information regarding the workshop can be found at the conference website: For questions and/or inquiries, contact:

Sponsored by:
Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA)
IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS)
IEEE Electronic Packaging Society (EPS)
IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS)
European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE)

Organizing Committee:
Andy Lemmon, General Chair, Univ. Alabama
Nick Baker, Technical co-Chair, Univ. Alabama
Arthur Boutry, Technical co-Chair, Univ. Alabama
Yue Zhao, Financial Chair, Univ. Arkansas
Cyril Buttay, Publications Chair, INSA-Lyon
Ivana Kovacevic, Publicity co-Chair, ETH Zurich
Xiaoling Li, Publicity co-Chair, Univ. Arkansas
Jim Gafford, Sponsorship Chair, Univ. North Carolina Charlotte
Brian Narveson, PSMA Representative, Narveson Consulting

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