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Why Should Your Company be a Member of PSMA?

T he PSMA is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the state of California whose mission is:

  • to enhance the stature and reputation of its members and their products,
  • to improve their knowledge of technological and other developments related to power sources, and
  • to educate the entire electronics industry, plus academia, as well as government and industry agencies as to the importance of, and relevant applications for, all types of power sources and conversion devices.

By joining with other leaders in the Industry, you and people in your company will have a greater voice and influence on the directions of the Power Sources Industry.  Some specific benefits of membership include:

  • Download the PSMA Membership Brochure

    Networking: The opportunity to meet and interact with counterparts in other companies on an ongoing basis.
  • Involvement: The opportunity to contribute to the planning of APEC Industry sessions that focus on the specific interest of members.
  • Participation: The opportunity to work experts in committees, workgroups and special studies resulting in a better understanding of market trends, industry trends and better operational procedures to improve performance.
  • Discounts: All Individuals from PSMA member companies receive discounts on registration fees for attending APEC and other PSMA sponsored workshops and events.
  • Industry Trends: Increase your awareness and knowledge of people trends and factors that can impact your career and provide valuable inputs for your company's product planning.
  • Company Profile: All member company profiles are listed on the PSMA Web Site together with a hyperlink directly to the company website.
  • PSMA Publications: Regular member companies receive a free copy of all new PSMA publications and reports with discounts for additional copies. Affiliate member companies can purchase PSMA publications at a discount.
  • Benchmarking: The opportunity to participate in benchmarking studies with other companies in your industry.
  • PSMA Newsletter: Receive "Update" the quarterly newsletter of the PSMA, with informative articles on activities in the industry and a calendar of upcoming industry events.
  • Spotlight Banner: Your company's products can be featured as a banner on the PSMA Home Page with a link to your website.

PSMA membership dues are modest in comparison to the many benefits offered. Is your company a member of PSMA? If not, why not? You can find the membership application on the PSMA web site at

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If you or anyone in your company is interested in getting on the distribution list for future issues of PSMA UPDATE, please send e-mail to: Be sure to include your name and the name of your company.