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Message from the PSMA Executive Committee

Hello Members and Friends of PSMA.

W hat an exciting year! APEC was back as an "in-person" event. I was thrilled to be able to see everyone again. Although with virtual events we were able to share information with the industry, nothing replaces face-to-face interactions and networking.

I am honored to be elected as Chair of PSMA accompanied by an extremely strong Executive Team comprising Trifon Liakopoulos (President), Renee Yawger (Vice-President) & Tim McDonald (Secretary/Treasurer).

I would like to thank our previous Chair, Michael Hayes for his dedication and focus leading PSMA during the past 2 very difficult years. His outstanding leadership allowed PSMA to successfully navigate a very challenging period of time.

PSMA intends to continue and to strengthen many of the policies that have been put into place the past few years. Our focus on becoming more applications specific continues. We are targeting several key industries: Smart Mobility (Transportation), Internet of Things (IoT), and Energy Storage. We are also continuing our efforts to foster alliances with other organizations. Our history with IEEE PELS and IEEE IAS is well known, as the three of us co-sponsor APEC. We also work closely with IPC, iNEMI, EPSMA, and CPSS on several cross promotional projects. Our latest alliance is with the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (ITEC). ITEC recently held their annual Conference and Exhibition, in Anaheim CA, June 15-17, and is a technical co-sponsor for PSMA's Transportation Workshop, "Vehicle Electrification Workshop - Design Trends and Technologies for 2022 and Beyond" to be held in early September (see article in this Newsletter). This workshop is an excellent example of an applications specific offering that includes an alliance with a strategic organization.

One of our key internal strategies will be to facilitate more cross communication between the PSMA Technical Committees. PSMA functions largely around the efforts of the volunteers that support our 14 Technical Committees that organize Special Projects, our APEC Industry Sessions, Educational Webinars, support the Power Technology Roadmap, and other activities. With the advances in technology there is often an overlap in the focus of the committees, that can be better fostered. As an example, the focus and interests of the Transportation Electronics Committee has direct overlaps with the focus of the Energy Storage, Energy Management, and Semiconductor Committees. By joining forces, anything these groups offer will be enhanced. In order to encourage and to enable better communications, we are developing a liaison system for data and idea sharing to improve the end results of the Committee activities.

Finally, please let us know what you would like to see in the PSMA UPDATE newsletter. Suggestions are always welcome!

– Fred Weber, PSMA Chair


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