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EnerHarv 2020 – Important Update

"Building the Ecosystem for Powering the Internet of Things"

T o our many EnerHarveteers and the extended 'power IoT' ecosystem, it is with great consternation and sadness that we feel obliged to announce the indefinite postponement of EnerHarv 2020 event in light of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. We were very excited by interest, agenda and the pedigree of participants we were lining up for the event.

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our attendees/organizers/presenters and their families are our number one priority.  Even if there is a decreased risk and lifting of travel bans by the June '20 timeframe, there is still a risk and we decided it was too high to consider maintaining the event, even at-risk.  There is also a very important mental aspect to health and wellbeing, which would be put to the test if we were to try and move forward with the event in the absence of high confidence in being able to hold it and/or have delegates be able to travel and show up for it.

Notices like these seem to be the norm these days so it appears no further explanation is required as you are likely hearing this type of thing many times a day now.

On the bright side, most of the existing team is fully-committed to putting together a new event when the dust settles on this virus so we thank them for that and stay tuned for when we are able to remerge with plans for a near future EnerHarv event!!!  Please keep the site bookmarked.

Lastly, we want to extend a very heartfelt and deep gratitude to all members of the EnerHarv Workshop Committee (EWC), our accepted and proposed Keynote/Speakers, our host (NC State University ASSIST Center), our Tech Co-sponsors (IEEE PELS, EnABLES, CPSS), our Media Co-sponsors (How2Power, Bodo's Power Systems), our Industry Sponsors (Wurth Elektronik, Analog Devices), and especially for the financial and administrative backing of our Organizing Sponsor, PSMA.

With warm regards and an optimistic, EnerHarviest view toward the future,

Mehmet Ozturk, General Chair
Brian Zahnstecher, General Co-chair
Mike Hayes, Technical Co-chair
Shad Roundy, Technical Co-chair

Mehmet Ozturk
Brian Zahnstecher
Mike Hayes
Shad Roundy
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