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Vehicle Electrification – The Latest Trends and Technologies

T he PSMA Transportation Electronics Committee will offer an extraordinary Virtual Workshop in September 2022 which will be focused on the latest technologies, and future trends surrounding vehicle electrification. This two Session Workshop will be held on Tuesday September 13 and the following Tuesday September 20, both sessions will begin at 9:00 AM CDT (2:00 PM GMT). This workshop will be fine-tuned to address the needs of the engineer or manager involved in vehicle electrification. This includes not only those in the consumer Automotive industry, but also those in Off Road, and Heavy-Duty industries.

Each session will lead off with keynote speakers and conclude with Q&A and a roundtable discussion. The first session's Keynote will be offered by KIA motors with a presentation on the "Evolution of the EV Market."

The second Keynote session will include two presentations. The first will be offered by Fernando Slacedo of the Department of Energy (DOE), with an "Overview of Current EV Charging Projects Supported by the Department of Energy." And the second presentaion will be by Oakridge National Laboratory with a presentation on "Materials to help battery life. Recycling, Trends in testing - All chemistries."

There are a wide range of topics that will be addressed by experts in the field during the 2 day workshop, including the latest technologies in fast charging and wireless charging, what to do about high EMI, DC/DC Converter trends, Battery Testing and Management, and much, much more.

Each of the Webinar Sessions will be recorded, including the Q&A and roundtable discussions and will be made available on-demand to registered attendees after the workshop. So, people who register will have the opportunity at their leisure to view any of the presentations missed during the scheduled workshop as well presentations to be seen again.

This workshop is being promoted along with ITEC+EATS 2022 for increased visibility. ITEC+EATS attendees will receive discounted registration for this workshop. Conversely, once you register for this workshop you will receive a discount to register for ITEC+EATS. Be sure to check out the details about the conference here: . The 2022 conference will be held in Anaheim, CA on June 15-17, 2022.

The latest information on the workshop including the agenda and registration information is available on the PSMA website at:

You don't want to miss this detailed and amazing workshop. This portfolio is unmatched by anything on the market today. Sign up today.

Provided by Fred Weber
PSMA Vehicle Electrification Workshop Chair



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