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PSMA Power Technology Roadmap Survey

W e invite you to participate in the biennial PSMA Power Technology Roadmap Survey that is the foundation for the 2019 PSMA Power Technology Roadmap Report. Your participation is key to the report's success.  The final report will be published in March 2019.

This survey asks for your perspective on the overall power supply technology trends and estimates in four main product areas:

  1. AC-DC Front End power supplies (200 W to 2000 W)
  2. External AC-DC power supplies (10 W to 200 W)
  3. Isolated DC-DC converters, and
  4. Non-Isolated DC-DC converters

Depending on your experience and knowledge base, you can choose to respond to questions in one or multiple areas.  The answers should reflect your view of industry trends – this survey is not a request for company-sensitive information.

In addition to filling out the survey, please feel free to invite other appropriate people within your organization to participate.  This is especially important if there are any product areas that you did not address.  We also invite you to forward it to informed industry colleagues who can add valuable inputs.  (Please note that the survey is set up to allow only one response per person.)

We ask that you respond by Friday, December 7, 2018.

As a thank you for your participation, and if you are willing to share your contact information, the PSMA will enter you into a drawing for various prizes including free registration for APEC and other PSMA-sponsored conferences and workshops.

The online survey is now available for your input in English or in Simplified Chinese at:


Simplified Chinese:

Thank you in advance for your time and inputs,
Conor Quinn and Dhaval Dalal
PSMA Power Technology Roadmap 2019 Chairs


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