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The Alternative Energy Committee was established to provide the following services to PSMA members:

  • Presentations of power electronics based technologies applicable to the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) devices that include: Wind Generators, Photovoltaic Systems, Fuel Cells, Internal combustion reciprocating engines, Micro Turbines, Waste Heat Recovery Devices, and Energy Storage Systems.
    • Inform PSMA members on the status, trends and issues related to alternative energy products and system applications.
  • Presentations and updates related the emerging technologies, emerging markets and new applications for alternative energy sources.
    • Hold workshops regarding emerging technologies and technology developments in the DER field
    • Encourage the submission of papers and invite OEM session paper participation for APEC
    • Create technology reports
  • Expansion of current PSMA membership to include manufacturers of DER products and devices.
  • Facilitate cooperation between PSMA and manufacturers, industry standards organizations, and government policy-making agencies on matters regarding alternative energy.
  • Encourage participation of PSMA in international and domestic conferences and technical events.

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