Beijing Power Supply Association - BPSA

The association is a nonprofit and self-disciplined social legal person voluntarily formed by enterprises and institutions involving in the manufacturing and trade of power supply products, scientific research institutes, inspection organizations and colleges of higher education associated with power supply products in the Beijing Area. Beijing Power Supply Association has the following duties: Carry out industrial investigation and research and information consultancy service according to entrustment and authorization of government departments and requests from enterprises, participate in such activities as industrial planning, and put forward opinions or suggestions on industry-related economic policies and economic legislations to the government departments; provide member units and enterprises in the industry with services such as publishing professional periodicals, stipulating industrial standards, organizing power supply products & technologies exhibitions or seminars, organizing professional & technical trainings etc; abide by provisions of the national laws, market operational norms and benefit requirements of member enterprises, perform inspection, evaluation and management in the industry, regulate market order of the industry, promote fair competition, maintain legal rights and interests of member enterprises, promote industrial self-discipline, and positively develop industrial undertakings and social public welfare. As the management and service organization for power supply industry of the capital, Beijing Power Supply Association has extensive and close relations with power supply enterprises and institutions across the country, with China Power Supply Survey as its disseminating medium. Adhering to the principle of self-determination, self-discipline and self-support and complying with the demand of market internationalization after China's entry into the WTO, the Association fully brings into play its role as a bridge and tie that unites great number of enterprises and institutions, scientific and research institutes and collages associated with the power supply. It aims at promoting a healthy development and improvement of the industry in products and technologies. It shall expand technological exchange and cooperation internationally, to increase the competitiveness of China power supply industry worldwide.

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China Power Supply Society (CPSS)

Founded in 1983, the China Power Supply Society (CPSS) is a national first class society legal person registered with the Ministry of National Civil Administration, and the department responsible for the vocational work is the Chinese Science and Technology Association. The professional scope of CPSS involves of communication power supply, UPS, general ac stabilizing power supply, dc stabilizing power supply, variable frequency power supply, special power elements and parts of supply, accumulator, electronic transformer, power supply and complete sets of power supply etc. There are 17 local Power Supply Society in relative province, municipality or autonomous region connected with CPSS in vocational work and 7 professional departments, namely ac power supply, dc power supply, variable frequency power supply, communication power supply, special power supply, transformer, elements and parts, electric-magnetic compatibility as well as 6 functionary committees, i.e. academic research, international academic exchange, organizing, editing, science popularizing, standardizing. The secretariat is the standing daily office of the society. The CPSS is not only an academic society, but also a business association of enterprises. The number of unit member is over 500, we are connecting with 3000 enterprises. Connecting academic and industrial bellows, promptly the exchange and cooperation of them consist of own vitality.

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Electronic Components Industry Association, Inc. (ECIA)

ECIA was formed in 2011 as a result of a merger between the National Electronic Distributors Association and the Electronic Components Association (ECA).  ECIA represents the manufacturers of electronic components and their authorized distributors and sales rep firms.

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International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative, Inc. (iNEMI)

The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is an industry-led consortium of more than 110 manufacturers, suppliers, industry associations and consortia, government agencies and universities. Its mission is to forecast and accelerate improvements in the electronics manufacturing industry for a sustainable future. iNEMI roadmaps the needs of the electronics industry, identifies gaps in the technology infrastructure, establishes implementation projects to eliminate these gaps, and works with funding agencies to set priorities for longer-term R&D. 

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