Power Magnetics @ High Frequency Workshop 2020

Dates: Tuesdays May 12, May 19, June 2, June 9, June 16
             Each session will begin at 9 AM Central (2 PM GMT) and run for approximately 2 hours

Live webinars (recorded and available to registered attendees for playback on demand)

May 12     Winding Techniques Part I

  • Keynote: Survey of Winding Techniques Used in Power Magnetic Components (Charles Sullivan, Dartmouth College)
  • Modeling and Design of Multiwinding Magnetics for High Frequency Power Electronics  (Minjie Chen, Princeton University)
  • Litz Wire: Practical Design Considerations for Today's High Frequency Applications (Kyle Jensen, Rubadue Wire)
  • Impact of Winding Configuration on Leakage Inductance and Circuit Performance (Thomas Brander, Wurth Elektronik)
  • Panel Q&A

May 19     Winding Techniques Part II

  • Modeling Approach of Magnetic Components Based on Equivalent Conductor Layer for Fast 3D Finite Element Simulations (Pedro Alou/Alberto Delgado, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  • Introduction of the CFFC-Compensating Fringing Field Concept and its Application in PCB Inductors (Jannik Schaefer, ETH Zurich)
  • Winding and Magnetic Core Selection for Medium-Frequency Transformers (Murat Kaymak, RWTH Aachen University)
  • Strategies for Scalable Low-Loss Multi-MHz Inductors (Rachel Yang, MIT)
  • Thermal Behavior of Power Inductors at High Frequency (Thomas Brander, Wurth Elektronik)
  • Panel Q&A

June 2    Software Modelling Techniques 

  • Keynote: Benefits of Concurrent Design of Electric and Magnetic Circuits in Power Electronics (Tom G. Wilson, SIMPLIS Technologies)
  • Real Time Magnetics Design Using Artificial Intelligence (Jose Molina and Alfonso Martinez, Frenetic)
  • Latest Advances in Inductor Design Software (Chris Oliver, Micrometals)
  • Enabling Concurrent Design of Electric and Magnetic Circuits using the SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module (Andrija Stupar, SIMPLIS Technologies)
  • Pulse Characterization of Magnetic Components (JC Sun, Bs&T)
  • Panel Q&A

June 9   Measurements for Developing Models

  • Deriving Loss Models From Measurements ( Phyo Aung Kyaw, Resonant Link)
  • Triangular Flux Excitation: The Proposed Standard for Measuring Power Inductors (Mike Wens, MindCet)
  • Accurately Measure Inductance with DC BIAS to 125Amps (Steve Sandler, Picotest)
  • Groundbreaking Wireless Charging Performance for Every Application (Phyo Aung Kyaw, Resonant Link)
  • Panel Q&A

June 16   Modelling Magnetic Materials

  • Waves in Magnetic Cores (Rodney Rodgers, All Star Magnetics)
  • Measurements to Demonstrate Dimensional Effects of Ferrites (Marcin Kacki, SMA Magnetics)
  • FEA as a Tool To Model Magnetic Materials (Marek Rylko, ANSYS/MESCO)
  • Hitachi Metals Finemet (Nanocrystalline) Thin Ribbon Technology (Mark Rine, Hitachi Metals)
  • Recent Advances in Magnetic Materialas and Structures (Joel Salas, Ferroxcube)
  • Recent Advances in Magnetic Materialas and Structures (John Noble, Spang Power Electronics)

Everyone registered for the "Power Magnetics @ High Frequency" Workshop will also be able to attend the "How to Choose and Define Capacitor Usage for Emerging Applications" Tuesdays April 21, April 28, May 5


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