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An Introduction to Piezo-Electric Transducer Models: the P-E Pressure Sensor, by Norman Elias
EnerHarv 2018 proceedings

EnerHarv 2018 proceedings are available from the EnerHarv website

APEC 2013 Industry Session – Forging Ahead: Global Commercialization of Energy Harvesting Technology

The APEC 2013  Energy Harvesting Session focused on the commercialization issues of Energy Harvesting powered devices.  Energy Harvesting economics and return on investment were discussed and the key  enabling technologies were highlighted. Real world deployments of Energy Harvesting-powered sensors was shown. 

APEC 2012 Industry Session - Energy Harvesting End-to-End: Technologies and Techniques for Building Zero Power Systems

This Energy Harvesting Industry Session was constructed to be a “mini-course” in Energy Harvesting technologies and design techniques.  This seminar flows from session to session and is meant to be reviewed in order from 1.1.1 to 1.1.7.  If you have any questions on the material please contact EH Committee co-chair Steve Grady at