iNEMI Low-Temperature Soldering Workshop

Apr 24, 2019
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

The use of low-temperature solder assembly, with peak reflow temperatures below the current 240°C+ level for SnAgCu (SAC) solder, has the potential for economic, environmental and technical benefits.

It also provides a possible solution for reducing dynamic warpage in the assembly of smaller, thinner and highly integrated electronic packages used in emerging applications such as ultra-mobile computing, wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, lowering the reflow temperature below 200°C can reduce energy consumption and improve surface mount yields. These are all attractive benefits, though achievement requires a new class of reliable soldering materials and processes.

This iNEMI workshop will provide an interactive forum where participants can discuss and share information about low-temperature solder assembly such as:

  • New developments and future plans for low-temperature solder materials and techniques
  • Results from iNEMI’s BiSn-Based Low-Temperature Soldering Process and Reliability project
  • Innovations required to improve yield and quality
  • Impact of future product and technology requirements on solder materials and processes
  • Processability, reliability and failure mechanisms of low-temperature solder materials
  • Collaborative project opportunities to streamline low-temperature solder technology development and deployment in the industry

This workshop gives you the opportunity to meet and network with leading electronics manufacturers, researchers and suppliers who are working to develop and qualify new low-temperature solder solutions.

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