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PSMA Executive Committee Report

A  fantastic APEC 2023 is now behind us. Attendance and overall activity were at pre-COVID levels, and it certainly was a pleasure to have everyone back. We are looking forward to next year's APEC in Long Beach CA, and we are working on ways to improve that event with the hope that Apec2024 will set new records.

In the past year, we have been actively working to generate additional visibility for the PSMA Technical Committees and increasing our membership. The Marketing Committee has been very active in increasing our presence on social media. We hope that you are noticing many informative posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. The Executive Committee is always looking for more participation on social media and if you find any of the posts interesting, please be sure to join in and take advantage of the activities, webinars or Technical Committee meetings that are being promoted. 

We expect to be able to restart the PSMA Special Projects again later this year and will be looking to our Technical committees for recommendations. PSMA is the sum of our Technical committee efforts so if you are not already on a committee, we encourage you to join for the one that you would like to contribute the most to and help define potential Special Projects or identify potential presentations for Industry Sessions. The more people on our committees with their interests will assure stronger programs that will benefit the industry.

PSMA is planning to sponsor a new Industry Session at APEC 2024, and that will focus on EMERGING APPLICATIONS. The presentations will cover the newest tech and newest products in the power industry.

As always, we look forward to any feedback or thoughts to improve the Association and provide benefits to the membership and Power/Sources industry. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, or anyone else on the board with your thoughts.

Provided by Fred Weber,
PSMA Chair

 Fred Weber, PSMA Chair


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