Power Magnetics @ High Frequency 2021 Workshop Agenda

PSMA Magnetics Committee and IEEE PELS Workshop:

Power Magnetics @ High Frequency

Date: Wednesday June 2 & Thursday June 3, 2021
Time: 9 AM - 3 PM CDT (2 PM - 8 PM GMT)
All sessions will be recorded and made available on demand to registered attendees

Day 1 EMI Issues Caused and Solved By Magnetics

Session I* (9:00 AM CDT)

  • Lecture Presentations (approx. 30 minutes each)
    • Active EMI Filters for High Power Density Converters;  Balaji Narayanasamy, Tesla
    • Impact of Power Inductor on EMI Performance of DC/DC Converters; Ammad Javed, Ernst Abbe University of Applied Science Jena
    • Influence of Different Core Materials on the Frequency Response of a Line Filter; Stefanie Birkenbach, Wurth Elektronik
  • Technology Demonstrations (approx. 15-20 minutes each)
    • Ferrite Material Characteristics in Suppression Devices; Mike Arasim, Fair-Rite Products Corp.
    • EMI Mitigation Techniques for Wide-Bandgap Devices (WBDs); Jared Quenzer, Wurth Elektronik
    • Damped Oscillation Validation of Nanocrystalline Core for Common Mode Choke; JC Sun, Bs&T
    • EMI Filter Designer; Frank Puhane, Wurth Elektronik
    • Near Magnetic Field Measurements and EMI Measurements; Asif Imran Emon, Stoneybrook University

Break (12:00 PM CDT)

Session II** (1:00 PM CDT)

  • Introduction, Best of the Best; Alexander Gerfer, Wurth Elektronik
  • Keynote: High Frequency “side-effect” Mitigation in Power Electronics Converters: Modeling and Integrated Filtering Solutions; Fang Luo, Stoneybrook University
  • Panel Discussion; All presenters from Day 1 Session I and Session II

Day 2 Integrated Magnetics

Session I* (9:00 AM CDT)

  • Lecture Presentations (approx. 30 minutes each)
    • Think Outside the Core: Frequency-Domain Model Enables Accurate Time-Domain Simulation of Coupling Effects and Winding Losses; Bryce Hesterman, Utah State University
    • Magnetic Component Integration for Increased Efficiency, Improved Power Density and Reduced Cost; John Gallagher, Pulse Engineering
    • VIRT: A Hybrid Magnetic and Electronic Structure for High-Step-Down, High Output-Current Power Conversion; Mike Kavian Ranjram, MIT
  • Technology Demonstrations (approx. 15-20 minutes each)
    • Design of Integrated Magnetics using Artificial Intelligence; Chema Molina, Frenetic
    • A Method for Modeling Magnetics with Coupled Windings Using Equivalent Circuits Based on Mutual Impedances; Bryce Hestermann, Utah State University
    • PCB Winding Integrated Coupled Inductor for Multi-Phase PFC Converter; Shuo Wang, Virginia Tech - CPES
    • New Powder Core Materials for Input Filter Chokes; John Noble, Spang Magnetics

Break (12:00 PM CDT)

Session II** (1:00 PM CDT)

  • Introduction, Best of the Best; Alexander Gerfer, Wurth Elektronik
  • Keynote: High Efficiency and High Density 48V LLC Converters with Integrated Planar Magnetics for Data Center Application; Qiang Li, Virginia Tech - CPES
  • Panel Discussion; All presenters from Day 2 Session I and Session II

* Presentations in Session I each day are prerecorded and available to registered attendees in advance. They will be broadcast during the workshop session.
** Presentations in Session II each day will be presented live. Presenters from Sessions I & II will participate in the live Panel Discussions.


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