Design Techniques for the 21st Century – Behind the Scenes, Make Sure You Choose & Use the Correct Capacitor Workshop Agenda

PSMA Capacitor Committee and IEEE PELS Workshop:

Design Techniques for the 21st Century – Behind the Scenes, Make Sure You Choose & Use the Correct Capacitor 

Date: Tuesday June 29 & Wednesday June 30, 2021
Time: 9 AM - 3 PM CDT (2 PM - 8 PM GMT)
All sessions will be recorded and made available on demand to registered attendees
Tentative agenda, subject to change
Day 1 

Session I (9:00 AM CDT)

  • Introduction**
  • Keynote: The Cosmos of DC Link Capacitors: Todays and Future Challenges; Dr. Thomas Ebel, University of Southern Denmark*
  • Design of Capacitive DC Links in PE Applications; Dr. Haoran Wang, Aalborg University*
  • DC Link solutions with ecaps: how to select the proper cap for your design; Stephan Menzel, CapXon Europe*
  • Selecting and Applying DC Link Bus Capacitors; Mike McGeachie, Cornell Dubilier*
  • The Use of PLZT Ceramic Dielectric in High Power Density Electronics Applications; D. Matthew Reynolds, TDK Electronics Inc.*
  • Live Q&A Session for the Session I presentations**

Break (12:00 PM CDT)

Session II (1:00 PM CDT)

  • Power to the Polymer: best match applications to boost with polymer caps; Stephan Menzel, CapXon Europe*
  • MLCC Advances and Techniques to Recover Lost Cap; Wilmer Companioni, KEMET Electronics Corporation*
  • Supercapacitors – Safe, Reliable “Fast” Energy Storage; Brendan Andrews, Cornell Dubilier*
  • Film Capacitors – Old Technology or still State of the Art?; Frank Puhane, Würth Elektronik*
  • Live Q&A Session for the Session II presentations**

Day 2

Session I (9:00 AM CDT)

  • Introduction**
  • Keynote: Component Simulation Using K-SIM; Wilmer Companioni, KEMET Electronics Corporation*
  • Real or Simulation? EMI Filter Design; Frank Puhane, Würth Elektronik*
  • Impedance Measurement of Capacitors; Tom Neville, Rohde & Schwarz*
  • Did you Try to Simulate It? A simulation of the EMI behavior of a DC/DC converter in comparison to measurements in A EMC chamber; Markus Laudien, Ansys*
  • DEMO Sessions , Live & Video backup measurements
    • What is dc bias and how to perform such a measurement on MLCC.  By the way, did you ever think about long time dc bias effect?; Würth Elektronik*
    • What is leakage current and how to perform this measurement on aluminum electrolytic capacitor. By the way, do you know how long time storage effects those capacitors?;  Würth Elektronik*
    • Impedance Measurements; Rohde & Schwarz*
    • Set up of PCB extraction and linking with circuit transient simulation; ANSYS*
  • Live Q&A Session for the Session I presentations**

Break (12:00 PM CDT)

Session II (1:00 PM CDT)

  • Live Roundtable Discussion with members from both the Magnetics & Capacitor Committees discussing the relationship, dependencies, differences and similarities, opportunities and challenges of both passive component categories and how to optimize designs**
  • Closing Remarks**

* Presentations are prerecorded and available to registered attendees in advance. They will be broadcast during the workshop session.
** Q&A and Round Table Discussion will all be presented live with the opportunity for attendees to ask questions


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