2020 APEC Student Travel Support Recipients

In the coming months, resumes from many of these students will be available to PSMA members at www.psma.com/psma-members-only/student-resumes

Abdul Moeed Amjad, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

  • Novel Online Solution of Harmonic Elimination Pulse Width Modulation Method for Modular Multilevel Converters

Abdullah Al Hadi, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, USA

  • Impact of Mixed Switching Frequency Scheme on Different Topologies of Multilevel Converters for Efficiency Improvement
  • Secure and Cost-Effective Micro Phasor Measurement (PMU)-Like Metering for Behind the Meter (BTM) Solar Systems Using Blockchain-Assisted Smart Inverters.

Akshay Sarin, University of Michigan, USA

  • Bidirectional Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer for Energy Balancing Modular of Robotic Actuators

Amit Kumar, Queen's University , Canada

  • A Novel Simulation-Design Tool For Study And Optimal Design Of DC-DC Resonant Converters Based On Time Domain Analysis
  • Efficiency Optimized Design Procedure of low-Q LLC Resonant Converter for Wide Input Range PV Application"

André Wild Silva Ramalho, Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil

  • Two-to-Three-Phase AC-AC Indirect Matrix Converter with Open-End Rectifier Stage and Reduced Active Switch Count
  • Three-Phase Multi-Rating Inductor Multilevel Asymmetric Current Source Converter

Bhanu Babaiahgari, University of Colorado Denver, USA

  • A Stability Enhancement Method for DC Microgrids with Constant Power Loads Using Variable Inductor

Bo Luo, Southwest jiaotong university, China      

  • An LC-CLC Compensation Topology to Achieve Maximum Transfer Power for High Power CPT System

Cheng-Yang Hong, National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan      

  • A Gm-Ramped Interleaving Technique with Adaptive-Extended Ton Control (AETC) Scheme for Multi-Phase Buck Converter Achieving Ultra-Fast Load Response

Chenxing Sha, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

  • Comparative Research on Compensation Controls for a Novel Three-Port Dynamic Voltage Restorer 

Daniel Garcia Aller, University of Oviedo, Spain

  • Design of a TIBuck converter for a Visible Light Communication LED driver based on splitting the power

David Ricardo López Flores, Tecnológico Nacional de México / Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua, México           

  • Aerodynamic Frequency Domain Model for Evaluating Small Wind Turbines

Garry Jean-Pierre, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA         

  • A Control Scheme Based on Lyapunov Function for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Active Rectifiers
  • A Complete Design of a High Frequency Medium Voltage Multi-Port Transformer

Giovanni Bonanno, University of Padua,                 Italy      

  • Stability Properties of Digital Predictive current-Mode Controllers for three-Level Flying Capacitor Converters.

Guangcan Li, Zhejiang University, China

  • A High Power Density 48V-12V DCX with 3D PCB Winding Transformer

Guowen Li, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China   

  • A Level Shift Gate Driving Circuit of SiC MOSFET with Crosstalk Suppression Capability

Gustavo Carlos Knabben, ETH Zurich, Switzerland             

  • Wide-Input-Voltage, Multi-Kw DC-DC Converters with Hybrid Boundary/Discontinuous Mode Control

Hao Wen, Virginia Tech, USA      

  • A New Method of Switching Loss Evaluation for GaN HEMTs in Half-Bridge Configuration    
  • Analysis on the Effect of Secondary Side Devices for the Operation of GaN Based LLC Resonant Converter.

Hassan Hossam Eldeeb, Florida International University, USA      

  • Power Losses and Magnetic Flux Density Analysis of Vector Control Induction Motor Drives with Stator Turn-to-Turn Fault
  • Design and Analysis of Inverter-Fed High-Speed Induction Motor with Closed Rotor Slots Taking Enclosure Effect Into Account
  • Deadbeat Predictive Current Control for a Grid-Tied Bi-Directional Battery Charger with 4-Quadrant Operation: Analysis and Design"

Javier Serrano Delgado, University of Alcalá, Spain           

  • Passivity-Based Robust Current Control of Grid-Connected VSCs
  • Jéssika Melo de Andrade, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil       
  • New High Step-Up dc-dc Converter with Quasi-Z-Source Network and Switched-Capacitor Cell

Jin Xu, Newcastle University, United Kingdom    

  • Computational burden reduction in real-time system identification of multi-rail power converter by re-using covariance magic approximation

Kazuya Mitsugi, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan  

  • Simple Calorimetric Power Loss Measurement System Using Single Chamber and Peltier Device with Ambient Temperature Tracking Control

Li Ding, University of Alberta, Canada     

  • Discontinuous Bi-tri Logic SPWM for Current Source Converter with Optimized Zero-State Replacement
  • Deadbeat Model Predictive Control for Grid-Connected Current Source Converter with LC Resonance Suppression
  • Model Predictive Control of 5L-ANPC Converter-Fed PMSM Drives with Two-Stage Optimization
  • A General Review and Investigation of Dual / Isomorphic Power Converters with the Closed-Loop Transformation Phenomenon in DC-AC/DC-DC/AC-AC Converter Systems

Liran Zheng, Georgia Tech, USA

  • New Single-Stage Soft-Switching Solid-State Transformer with Reduced Conduction Loss and Minimal Auxiliary Switch
  • 7.2 kV 50 kVA Three-Port Single-Phase Single-Stage Modular Soft-Switching Solid-State Transformer with Active Power Decoupling and Reduced DC-Link
  • Three-Phase 4.16kV 300kVA MV SST for PV and Storage Integration

M. S. Hassan, Kyushu University, Japan 

  • Paralleled-Interleaved PWM Strategy for Common-Mode Leakage Current and EMI Noise Reduction of Split-Source Inverter

Manash Kumar Mishra, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), India          

  • Modified Proportional Resonant Current Controller with MPPT for Three Phase Single Stage Grid Integrated PV System

Mandip Pokharel, University of Manitoba, Canada            

  • Modelling and Experimental Evaluation of Ideal Transformer Algorithm Interface for Power Hardware in the Loop Architecture

Md Noman Habib Khan, University of Technology Sydney, Australia         

  • Model Predictive Control of Seven-Level Single-Phase Boost Inverter Without Weighting Factor for Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Applications
  • A Common Ground Type Single-Phase Dual Mode Five-Level Switched Capacitor Transformerless Inverter Topology
  • A Novel five-Level Switched Capacitor Type Inverter Topology for grid-Tied Photovoltaic Application

Mohammad Khatibi, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA      

  • Small-Signal Modeling and Stability Analysis of Novel Grid Connected Z-source Inverter with Virtual Synchronous Generator

Murat Kaymak, RWTH Aachen Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems, Germany     

  • Design and Verification of a Medium-Frequency Transformer in a Three-Phase Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter for Medium-Voltage Grid Connection of Offshore Wind Farms

Nathan Ellis, University of California, Davis, USA

  • A Resonant 1:5 Cockcroft-Walton Converter Utilizing GaN FET Switches with N-Phase and Split-Phase Clocking

Ngoc Dat Dao, Yeungnam University, South Korea            

  • Passive Soft-Switching Circuit for High Power Density SiC-Based DC-DC Boost Converter

Peng Luo, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom           

  • High dV/dt Controllability of 1.2kV Si-TCIGBT for High Flexibility Design with Ultra-Low Loss Operation

Pengcheng Zhang, Hebei university of Technology, China              

  • A Modular Integration Design of LLC Circuit Featuring Field Enhancement and Misalignment Tolerance for Wireless EV Charging

Pittam Krishna Reddy, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, India           

  • Reduced Switching Frequency-Based Direct Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive for Vehicular Applications

Qiao Peng, Aalborg University, Denmark

  • Automatic Power Reserve Control for Grid-Connected PV Systems

Rachel Belcher, University of Ottawa, Canada     

  • Fuzzy Logic Based Module-Level Power Electronics for Cloud Shading Mitigation in Photovoltaic Systems

Raghu Selvaraj, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India      

  • Shared-Leg Fault Tolerant Operation of Multi-Channeled Power Converters Serving to Large Rated DFIM Unit

Sagar Bhatta, Old Dominion University, USA       

  • Detecting High-Impedance Fault with Z-source Circuit Breakers in Smart Grids

Samantha Coday, University of California at Berkeley, USA           

  • High Accuracy Calorimetric Measurements and Modeling of Ceramic Capacitor Losses Under Large Ripple Operation
  • A 10-Level Flying Capacitor Multi-Level Dual-Interleaved Power Module for Scalable Electric Aircraft Drives

Samuel Soares Queiroz,                 Federal University of Ceará, Brazil            

  • Interleaving Technique Applied in an Active Filter Based on the Full-Bridge Cascaded Converter

Shilei Jiao, University of Houston, USA   

  • A Novel DROGI Algorithm for Non-Linear Unbalanced Load Compensation Using Four-Leg Converter

Shuntaro Horiuchi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

  • A Voltage Interpolation Method in Inverter Modeling for Fast Electromagnetic Transient Simulations

Sifat Chowdhury, The University of Akron, USA  

  • Adaptive Cell Balancing of Series Connected Battery System Using Series Hybrid Droop Controller

Sima Aznavi, University of Nevada Reno, USA

  • Misalignment Correction in Wireless Power Transfer of Electric Vehicles Through Angular Compensation
  • Space Vector Modulation Scheme for Dual-Output Four-Leg Converter

Somnath Meikap, Indian Institute of Technology, India   

  • Pole Zero Analysis of a Simple Gate Driver Circuit Over the Medium Range of Frequency Used in Power Electronics Devices

Sourav Kumar Patel, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, USA  

  • Virtual Impedance Shaping for Low Voltage Microgrids

Sourov Roy, University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA        

  • State of Health (SOH) Estimation of Power Semiconductor Devices Using the Concept of Dynamic Safe Operating Area (SOA)
  • Detection of Degraded/Aged Cell in a Li-Ion Battery Pack Using Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR)"

Subhrasankha Ghosh, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India     

  • Correction of Voltage Unbalance in a Synchronous Reference Frame Based Decentralized Controller for Sharing of Unbalanced Load Currents in an Islanded Microgrid

Swati Tandon, Concordia Universty, Canada        

  • Series LC Resonance Pulse Based Zero Current Switching Current-Fed Half-Bridge DC-DC Converter

Takeshi Uchida, Nagasaki University, Japan          

  • Control Method of Dual Active Bridge Maintaining Soft-Switching at Different Voltage Ratio

Tom Urkin, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,                Israel    

  • Digital Lock-in Controller IC for Optimized Operation of Resonant SCC
  • Optimal Self-Tuning Control for Google Data-Centers’ 48V-12V ZCS-STC

Vivek Sharma, Macquarie University, Australia   

  • Design and Implementation of Trans-Z-Source Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive with Fault-Tolerant Capability

Vladan Lazarević, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain          

  • Design and Optimization of a High-Frequency GaN-Based ANPC Three-Level Converter As an Arbitrary PWL Generator

Waqas Hassan, The University of Sydney, Australia          

  • Design and Development of High Step-Up DC-DC Converter to Realize High Efficiency and Reduced Voltage Stress

Wenqi Zhu, Chiba University, Japan        

  • A 1MHz Class-E2 Single-Stage PFC Converter with Frequency Control

WonSang Jeong, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

  • New Synchronous Rectifier Control Scheme for High Efficiency and Density Interleaved Boost Converter with Passive Soft-Switching Cell

Yiwei Pan, Aalborg University, Denmark

  • A Phase-Shifting MPPT Method to Mitigate Interharmonics for Cascaded H-Bridge PV Inverters

Yuanqing Zhang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China   

  • Multi-Objective Optimization of Single-Transmitter Coupled Multi-Receiver IPT System for Maglev Trains

Yunfeng Liu, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

  • Investigation and Optimization for Planar Coupled Inductor dual-Phase Interleaved GaN-Based Totem-Pole PFC
  • An Active-Rectification Based Communication Free Inductive Power Transfer for Battery Charging System with Soft-Switching Capability

Zepeng Liu, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom         

  • Acoustic Emission Analysis for Wind Turbine Blade Bearing Fault Detection Using Sparse Augmented Lagrangian Algorithm

Zhengda Zhang, Arizona State University, USA   

  • A Current-Sensing-Resistor-Based Synchronous Rectifier Driving Scheme for LLC/CLLC Resonant Converter in EV on Board Chargers
  • A Novel Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive Control Strategy Based on Off-Line Calculation and Curve Fitting"

Zhengqi Wei, Shanghaitech University, China      

  • A String-to-Cell Battery Equalizer Based on Fixed Frequency LCC Resonant Converter

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