What’s happening at INTELEC® 2017 ?
Posted: 2017-8-11
22-26 October 2017

One of the key aspects of INTELEC® 2017 is that it will be held a tantalizing block away from the sun, surf and sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean at the magnificent Gold Coast Conference and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia.

You may know and recognize INTELEC as the long-standing, respected annual IEEE conference exploring the science and engineering of energy systems for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure.  What some may not know is that this will be only the second time in the 39-year history of this global conference that the event has been held in the Southern Hemisphere.  As you can appreciate, there is a local and regional industry buzz about this rare opportunity in having INTELEC ‘down-under’.

The theme for INTELEC® 2017 is ‘Driving Innovation in ICT Energy Infrastructure’.  In a global sense, it is an exciting time in the ICT energy systems space.  Digital convergence continues to drive increasing demands on ICT energy infrastructure in terms of consumption and resilience, and there is great opportunity in leveraging established know-how and practicalities with new and emerging technologies.

The innovation theme for INTELEC® 2017 also has been applied directly to the conference itself, and those attending will see some departures from the traditional INTELEC line-up.  

Conference Program

The conference consists of the traditional technical program and parallel industry exposition.  Content for the technical program has been selected by a blind-peer process, and approximately 130 technical papers and posters, and four Special Seminars will be presented throughout parallel session during the conference.  The program kicks off on the Monday morning with keynote addresses from operators giving their view of future treads and expectations in the energy infrastructure space.  Each day, a topic-specific plenary session precedes the parallel technical sessions across the six general topic domains – ICT infrastructure, energy efficiency and thermal management, batteries and energy storage, power electronics, power system architectures, and renewable and alternative energy sources.

One of the innovations this year is the introduction of specific ‘end-to-end thread’ streams, which start with plenary session content, go through grouped papers sessions, and end with a facilitated, interactive forum.  Three such streams - one on advanced batteries, one on thermal management of plant, and the other on remote-line powering – are interspersed throughout the technical program schedule.  To accommodate the increased program, the conference will close on around 4pm on the Thursday afternoon, rather than at lunchtime.

Educational tutorials will be held on the Sunday preceding the start of the conference.  To cater for the wide range of subject matter within the INTELEC scope, four very different tutorials are offered covering the topics - 5G & energy harvesting, solar & hybrid system design, designing power electronics for batteries, and cooling and energy management of base transceiver stations.  Registrants for the tutorials can obtain continuing education credits.

The conference program is currently being finalized. Keep a watch at for updates and announcements.

Industry Exposition

There has also been some innovation of the Exhibition side of the conference.  INTELEC’s success has always been due to the unique mix of academia & researchers, industry product developers and vendors, end-users and infrastructure operators.  The exhibition space is the mixing pot for productive networking and the exchange of ideas.  For INTELEC® 2017, there is increased focus on the exhibition and exhibitors.  To maximize focus and impact, the Exhibition will be first seen and opened in a separate and specific lunchtime opening on Monday, after the conference opening and keynote addresses.  This means the traditional Sunday evening Welcome Reception will be held elsewhere (another surprise).  In addition, as part of the parallel technical program, the Commercial Product Exposure stream, which allows exhibitors and product developers to give formal technical presentations to conference delegates, will be held in the exhibition area to attract interest from the floor.  Exhibitors will also have access to a purpose specific video presentation room to host small customer groups.  The Exhibition will stay open and host the close of the conference on Thursday afternoon.

Conference Experience

The Gold Coast is an icon visitor destination in an icon destination country.  Delegates at INTELEC® 2017 will have the chance to be up close with kangaroos, koalas and wombats, as well as participate in other memorable social events.  INTELEC® 2017 will therefore be a different, if not unique, conference experience.  The exchange rate is very favorable, so be sure you get to INTELEC® 2017!


Early bird registration ends 18 August 2017.

Intelec 2017 Call for Papers
Posted: 2017-3-3

On behalf of the IEEE Power Electronics Society, the organizers of INTELEC® 2017, invite technical contributions for presentation and discussion that will be held on the 22-26 October, 2017 at the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia.  The INTELEC forum is broad in technical scope, and contributions to the Technical Program range from academic and industry-based research and development, to field application trials and practical engineering experiences, to the economics and cost-benefit analyses of different technical solutions for ICT energy infrastructure. The topics and subject-matter interest areas for INTELEC® 2017 include, but are not limited to:

  • ICT Energy Infrastructure design & functionality
  • Back-up power & UPS
  • Power system architectures & distribution systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Batteries & Energy Storage
  • Renewable & alternative energy sources
  • Energy Efficiency & Thermal Management

The official language of INTELEC® 2017 is English. All submissions and presentations must be in English.

Technical Program
The Technical Program for INTELEC® 2017 will consist of parallel technical streams of presentations of the papers (and posters) accepted for inclusion in the IEEE Conference Proceedings, educational tutorials, one or more workshops and special interest seminars, and a commercial 'product-exposure' stream for manufacturers and solution providers.

Abstracts (Digests)
The abstract/digest should consist of sufficient material and information considered necessary by the author(s) to demonstrate relevance and technical merit of the paper. Digests should not be shorter than 400 words and a maximum of two (2) A4 pages inclusive of any diagrams and/or figures. Abstracts will be assessed by blind peer review. Author(s) can nominate their preference for their paper to be delivered as either an oral presentation or as a poster. However, the final presentation type will be at the discretion of the Technical Program Committee.

A number of educational tutorials and training seminars will be offered at INTELEC® 2017. Tutorials and/or training seminars are conducted on a commercial basis. Proposals from individuals or companies interested in providing tutorial or training services should consist of 1000 word (max.) summary outlining scope and content, and should include presenter credentials and contact details.

Workshops & special interest seminars
INTELEC® is renowned for lively and informative workshops and special seminars in topical areas within the industry. Workshops and special seminars arise from interest and passion within the INTELEC® community and rely on the participation and input of conference delegates. Ideas for workshop and seminars subject matter for INTELEC® 2017 are welcome.

Commercial Product Stream
As part of the Industry Exhibition at INTELEC® 2017, a separate technical content stream is available for manufacturers and product providers to give formal technical presentations to conference delegates without the need to observe the prohibition on commercial promotion which applies in the peer-review process of technical papers. Papers in the Commercial Product Stream are not included in the Conference Proceeding or IEEE Xplore, but the Commercial Product Stream is listed in the Conference Program. Papers submitted for the Commercial Product Stream should not be merely sales or marketing material and will be accepted on the basis of the technical content and merit outlined in an abstract or summary of the proposed paper.

Key dates:

  • Technical Papers
    • Abstract submission by                                  24 March, 2017
    • Notification of acceptance by                         12 May, 2017
    • Submission of full paper by                           11 August, 2017
  • Other
    • Tutorial Proposals by                                     28 April, 2017
    • Workshops & Special Seminar proposals by 28 April, 2017

For more information and to submit a paper, please visit


Posted: 2016-3-9

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Austin, Texas, the site of the 38th annual INTELEC Conference

Telecommunications and Data Services are converging at an accelerating rate. The traditional approaches to providing mission critical survivability are expanding beyond robust power and are starting to take advantage of virtualization. The challenges facing the network have not changed. Natural disasters, grid issues, equipment failure, and human error still pose risks in providing uninterrupted Data and Communications. Our mission in the power community is to understand these threats, and how to mitigate them. This includes the management of energy distribution, conversion and storage in the new environment of an increasingly virtualized network.

In keeping with the selected theme for INTELEC 2016 - Powering the Software Defined Network. – The program committee has developed a technical conference scope that will explore a broad range of topics critical to our industry. At INTELEC 2016 you will have an opportunity to engage with global leaders and experts in topics like advanced energy storage and management, DC at various voltages (not just 48 VDC) and AC in datacenters and telecommunications centers, alternative power systems, high conversion efficiency, and interfacing with advanced software controlled networks.

We will also include informative tutorials aimed at advances in power management. We will have a student program that will provide a dedicated opportunity for new professionals to share the latest research from academia. Our exhibitor seminar track will provide conference delegates an opportunity for “hands on” preview of key solutions being introduced, offered, or presented at the conference exhibition. Visit for the latest conference information.

I look forward to seeing you in Austin for INTELEC 2016.

Provided by Dustin J Becker,
Intelec 2016 General Chairman

  Dustin Becker


INTELEC® 2016 takes place October 23-27, 2016 at the Renaissance Austin in Austin, TX
Posted: 2015-12-10
Intelec 2016

INTELEC 2016 continues to be the world-class technical forum and information exchange that deals with energy systems for communications and power quality. These topics will be addressed by the global technical and commercial leaders in the industry via keynote and plenary sessions as well as through technical and poster presentations. All of this exchange is supported by an exceptional technical program for the registered attendees. No matter what the attendees’ area of focus may be, from powering software defined networks, to disaster prevention and recovery, to energy efficiency or new energy storage technologies, INTELEC 2016 is the forum to gather the information needed and consult with global industry peers to drive your company’s mission.

For consideration in the technical program a digest that accurately reflects the content of each proposed technical paper must be received by the Technical Program Committee no later than March 27, 2016. The digest should be a minimum of 500 words, not to exceed 1,500 words. It must include all information considered necessary by the authors to demonstrate the technical merit of the paper. Digests are to be submitted electronically, via the INTELEC® website. Author contact information and the topic area of the paper should be included in the submission.

The scope of the conference will include but not limited to the following communications power and energy systems topics:

  • Powering Software Defined Networks
  • 400 Vdc Distribution
  • Alternative Power Sources and Energy Storage
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Telecom Rectifiers
  • AC-DC Converters
  • DC-DC Converters
  • DC Distribution Systems
  • Battery Systems
  • DC UPS Systems
  • AC Power Distribution Systems
  • AC UPS
  • Outside Plant Power
  • Batteries
  • Thermal Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Semiconductor Components

Please submit digest to the INTELEC 2016 website at and see the latest information at the website.

Provided by Steve Vechy, Publicity Chair for Intelec® 2016


A Brief History Of The International Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC)
Posted: 2010-7-16

In May 1975, Messrs. N. Osifchin, B. J. Yokelson, and J. J. Suozzi of Bell Telephone Laboratories developed the idea of an international conference on telephone energy systems. During visits to England, Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, and Italy to discuss power for telecommunications, the idea of an international conference on telecommunications energy was discussed and gained favor with many telecom administrations. In March 1976, Bell Labs management granted permission to the founding team to work on launching such a conference, sponsored by an entity of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and open to all, and the planning for the conference began. In November 1976 the plan for the conference was presented to the Meetings and Conference Department of the IEEE Communications Society (COMSOC) at a meeting in Philadelphia. COMSOC accepted the proposal and agreed to be the sponsor. The first conference was scheduled for October 25-27, 1978, at the Sheraton Hotel in Washington, DC with J. J. Suozzi as Chairman.

The conference was called "The International Telephone Energy Conference" from which the term "INTELEC" was derived. In 1979 the name was changed to "The International Telecommunications Energy Conference," and the term "INTELEC" was retained.

During 1977 and 1978, intensive plans were also being drawn to form a governing body for the conference. This was accomplished by 1978 with the formation of an INTELEC Advisory Committee, representing the world community and presided over by N. Osifchin. The first Advisory Committee meeting was held in October 1978, at the first INTELEC conference, and an immediate debate arose as to how often the INTELEC conferences should be held. A second INTELEC conference was planned for November 1979, chaired by W. M. Miller (Lorain Products), a Planning Committee (later becoming the Conference Executive Committee (CEC)) was mandated to prepare recommendations on the frequency and plans for future meetings and J.J. Suozzi was appointed to write a Constitution and Bylaws for the INTELEC organization.

The second INTELEC conference was held with an even more enthusiastic turnout than the first and plans began for the first INTELEC conference outside of North America, with I. G. White of the British Post Office as Chairman, for May 1981. The success of the 1981 meeting led to the acceptance of the concept of an annual INTELEC conference.

By 1986, the international character of the INTELEC conference was ensured by constitutional changes providing for a 50%-50% American and non-American balance of Advisory Committee membership and by acceptance of a six-year cycle with three meetings in North America, two in Europe, and one in Asia.

In 1991, negotiations among COMSOC, INTELEC and the recently formed IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) resulted in an agreement to transfer sponsorship of INTELEC from COMSOC to PELS, where it joined the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC®) and the Power Electronics Specialists Conference (PESC®), which are also sponsored by PELS.

Over its history, INTELEC conferences have been held in Washington, London, Tokyo, New Orleans, Munich, Toronto, Stockholm, San Diego, Florence (Italy), Orlando, Kyoto, Paris, Vancouver (Canada), The Hague, Boston, Melbourne (Australia), San Francisco, Copenhagen, Phoenix, and Edinburgh (Scotland). The 2002 conference was held in Montreal. Future conferences are planned for Yokohama, Chicago, Berlin, and Rome.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the opening of Eastern Europe borders, there was a strong desire to hold telecommunications energy conferences in Germany and Eastern Europe. The Advisory Committee approved establishment of a smaller conference, the Telecommunications Energy Special Conference (TELESCON®) to address this need. The first TELESCON conference was held in Berlin in the spring of 1994. Additional spring conferences took place in Budapest in 1997 and Dresden in 2000. Continuing the three-year cycle, the next TELESCON conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2003.

INTELEC and TELESCON conferences now provide a venue for telecom, datacom, wireless and cable television operators and vendors of all types of power equipment used by these and related service providers. A typical conference has technical papers and exhibits covering:

  • Integration of the diverse power requirements of the service providers
  • Batteries
  • Power for telecom and datacom systems
  • Power for cellular and personal communications systems (PCS)
  • Power for multimedia networks
  • Power for cable television systems
  • New technology power generation and energy storage systems
  • Dc power plants and their components
  • Power system architectures
  • Flywheel energy storage systems
  • Dc-dc converters
  • Ac power supplies--inverters and uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
  • Primary power systems—engine-alternators, fuel cells, solar and wind systems
  • Building and environmental systems
  • Physical and thermal design
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Standards and specifications.

Recent conferences have included tutorial sessions in addition to the technical sessions. Experts in the subject matter conduct the tutorials, and attendees earn continuing education credits. Future conferences will undoubtedly cover new technologies to meet the evolving needs of the participants.

Provided by J.J. Suozzi with inputs from Chris Riddleberger, Mark Jacobs and Michael Davis.

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