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CPSS & PSMA Joint Workshop at CPSSC 2017

F ollowing earlier PSMA participation in 2015, and discussions at APEC 2017, PSMA members travelled to Shanghai, PRC in November to participate in the China Power Supply Society Conference (CPSSC) 2017.

On Saturday Nov. 4th, PSMA representatives participated in the CPSSC opening ceremony and presented an introduction to the PSMA and keynote speech on the PSMA's Power Technology Roadmap (PTR).

CPSSC opening ceremony, Dr. Dehong (Mark) Xu
CPSSC keynote attendees

On Sunday Nov. 5th, CPSS & PSMA held a Joint Technology Workshop with six presentations plus Q&A, across three topics:

  • New energy, New-Energy Vehicles, Energy storage
  • Data center, IT equipment power supply
  • Consumer AC-DC: smartphone, laptop, TV, etc.

CPSSC joint workshop, Stephen Oliver and Dr. Dehong (Mark) Xu
CPSSC joint workshop, Conor Quinn and Dr. Longqiang Yi

More than 1,400 attended the conference, with participants from all parts of industry and academia. Technical papers (in Chinese) were grouped into parallel tracks, plus industry presentations and an exhibition. Around 1,000 were present for the PSMA keynote, with 150 attending the lively joint workshop.

Attendees at the PSMA & CPSS Joint Technology Workshop

Dr. Conor Quinn, Artesyn Embedded Technologies, PSMA Director and co-chair of the Power Technology Roadmap committee and PSMA President Stephen Oliver, Navitas Semiconductor, represented the association in Shanghai with additional material from PSMA Chairman Eric Persson, Infineon Technologies.

The workshop abstracts, presenter biographies, and slides from many of the presentations are available to PSMA Members in the Members' Only section of the PSMA website.

The CPSS, led by President Prof. Dehong (Mark) Xu, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, and CPSS Deputy Secretary General Lei Zhang were generous hosts and the welcome and interaction was warm.

This trip was part of the PSMA's efforts to:
  • Promote the PSMA
  • Attract additional members
  • Collaborate with other international organizations
  • Invite participation on PSMA committees
  • Invite technical contributions to PSMA-sponsored events (including 3D-PEIM)
  • Increase awareness of and participation in the Power Technology Roadmap (PTR)

CPSS & PSMA: (left to right) Lei Zhang, Stephen Oliver, Dr. Dehong (Mark) Xu, and Dr. Conor Quinn

It was a successful trip and PSMA and CPSS look forward to future opportunities to collaborate. CPSS members will attend APEC 2018 in San Antonio in March of 2018 and the PSMA was invited to attend PEAC 2018 in Shenzhen in November of 2018.

Provided by Provided by Stephen Oliver, PSMA President, Navitas Semiconductor


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